How long does the Paint Finish Last on Painted Windows?

December 17, 2014



Painted Window Lifespans - Clera Windows + Doors

Windows add curb appeal to your home. They are the eyes of your house. They let in light and fresh air when opened. But best of all, vinyl windows are quieter and keep out outside noise better than wooden ones.Although vinyl windows generally come in traditional white, they can be painted an array of colours. The paint finish on painted vinyl windows usually lasts for 7-10 years.If you’ve already ordered painted vinyl windows or are looking to paint your own, here are a few things you should know.Before

  • If you’ve decided to paint your windows on your own, check your manufacturer’s warranty before you begin. This process may void the manufacturer’s warranty and it may be best to have them do the painting or have another professional do it.
  • Check the weather. If you live in a coastal climate, you may not get seven years out of your painted vinyl windows. Humidity causes paint to chip quicker than dry weather. You may want to consider weatherstripping or cladding your windows as well to add an extra layer of protection.
  • The window frame should be cleaned with acetone prior to the primer’s application.
  • Vinyl repels liquid which means you might have a hard time getting the paint to stick, but by sanding your windows beforehand the paint is more likely to bond with the vinyl. Don’t use a belt sander or power sander as these tools are way too powerful for your windows and can cause serious damage. Use 220-grit sandpaper as it will not harm your windows.
  • Choose the paint colour wisely because darker shades are more likely to cause heat damage. The sun is attracted to dark colours and heat damage can oftentimes be irreparable.


  • Keeping your windows clean will help prolong their life and keep the paint from chipping.
  • Certain manufactured cleaners can damage vinyl surfaces. Just because something gets out tough stains doesn’t mean it’s good for your windows. For cleaning, use a mild dish soap and water for best results.
  • Wipe with a lint-free dry cloth immediately after cleaning your painted vinyl windows.
  • Do not power wash your windows. This is extremely dangerous as high-pressure washers will not only chip the paint on your windows but can also blow them out completely.
  • Clean your vinyl windows twice yearly.

Painted vinyl windows add fresh new look to your home and are easy to maintain. If you’re unsure of whether painted vinyl windows will suit your home, Clera Windows and Doors can help.

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