How To Pick Attractive Colours For Your Exterior Doors

February 10, 2015



Choosing A Front Door Colour - Clera Windows + Doors

There can be no better way to welcome a guest into your home than with a colorful and bright front door. It sets the tone for the rest of the home and provides visitors an insight into your exuberant personality.

However, it takes time to find that ideal shade and tone. To help homeowners make their house stand out, we’re reviewing a few tips on picking attracting colours for your exterior doors.

The Colours You Choose Should be Designed for Maximum Impact

The leading reason many homeowners are now choosing bright colours for their front door is because a bold front door can have an immediate impact on the visitor.

A brightly coloured door can give energy to the home before the guest has even entered. While painting an entire home in such a bright shade might detract from the home’s architectural features, a single accent piece like this can act as the center piece to a stylish home design.

Choose Colours that can be Balanced with Bordering Trim

An important element in choosing that ideal front door colour is the balance the it offers with the other exterior areas of the home.

For example, you might choose a bright yellow for your front door and balance it with a darker brown for the bordering trim. However, while using attractive colours can bring attention to the home, tones that are too bright and collected in one area of the space can become overpowering.

The Colours You Choose Should be Designed to Elicit a Response

No matter which colour you choose for your front door, it should be designed to gain a response from the viewer. Colours can have a specific impact on a person’s mood as well the tone of the property.

  • Yellows are suited to both traditional homes and modern properties. Muted shades of yellow tend to look better on older brick homes or shingle-style houses, whereas brighter shades can make a statement on newer homes.
  • Oranges, particularly tangerine and apricot, can provide an elegant appeal within an array of architectural styles
  • Purple is now widely used on older Victorian homes to provide that sense of personality and ebullience that blends seamlessly with classical architecture.

Your home door can be a defining area of the home. Make sure the door’s colour sends the right message to future guests and visitors by considering these options!

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