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How to Repaint Your Windows for a New Look

There are probably people out there, hardcore DIY enthusiasts who love absolutely every aspect of home repair, that actually like painting window frames and trim.

For the rest of us it’s incredibly hard, painstaking work.

Here are some tips to make sure it goes well!

  1. Consider an Upgrade
    Imagine if you never needed to paint your window frames again. That’s the power of vinyl windows: colorfast frames that never age, wear, or fade. Even better, vinyl windows have fantastic energy ratings and pay for themselves over time.Vinyl windows come in color options, including wood grains. You can customize them for either a modern or a traditional look.
  2. Choose the Right Paint
    If you have vinyl frames, consult with your manufacturer before choosing a paint. Manufacturers all use their own processes and chemicals, and these can sometimes prevent certain paints from bonding. You should also try to pick a paint with some similarities to the vinyl color, so that chips in the paint will not be too noticeable.For wood frames, consider lighter colors. Darker colors decrease the energy efficiency by absorbing heat near the sashes.
  3. Prepare the Window Frames
    Painting window frames is hard; painting unprepared window frames is even harder. Vinyl frames need to be sanded. Unlike wood, vinyl actually becomes a little bit rougher when sanded. The grit gouges fine scratches into the surface. Use a fine macro grit sandpaper and work until the surface is rough to the touch. This ensures a good bond with the paint.
    For wood, clean the surface thoroughly before you start.With either type of frame, be sure to use enough tape to protect your windows. Use a primer designed for the frame material.
  4. Clean Paint as You Go
    Paint will get in the crevices of your tape and on the window glass. Use Q-Tips as you go to clean the paint as you go. If any dries on the glass, it will need to be scrubbed off with a brush after you have finished painting.
  5. Apply Two Coats
    On an uneven surface, it’s easier to get a smooth look if you use two coats.
  6. Look at Design Blogs
    With all the work involved in painting window frames, you might as well choose a new color that will be awesome! Look at ways to use your new frame color to complement your interior or exterior design.

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