How to Shop for a Window and Doors Company

January 3, 2014



How To Shop For A Window And Doors Company - Clera Windows + Doors

Home building and renovation contractors have multiplied in the competitive Ontario construction marketplace. Choosing the wrong contractor can be a nightmare. To avoid any unpleasant scenarios, try following these basic tips.

1. Check their Better Business Bureau profile

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is a trusted arbiter of data relevant to consumers. It’s a non-profit organization that publishes valuable information on its website, including complaints about a company and whether they were resolved.

Ontario companies that have achieved the coveted “A+” rating from the BBB include Clera Windows + Doors. Factors considered in this evaluation include “no complaints filed,” according to the BBB’s website.

2. Evaluate Online Reviews

Customers that have bad experiences with a company often turn to the Internet to vent their frustrations. The most popular consumer review websites aggregate the user-generated ratings, allowing you to evaluate a company at a glance.

On the website, which allows users to “Rate the Renovator,” Clera Windows + Doors has achieved a rating of 9.6 out of 10, based on nearly 1,000 reviews.

3. Ensure Certification

High quality windows and doors are often distinguished by their adherence to technical standards, which are developed to test features like reliability in the extremes of the Ontario climate. The Canadian Standards Association, or CSA, has developed a set of measures for vinyl windows, rating these products according to their performance in various conditions of wind and rain.

Clera is certified by the CSA for its vinyl windows, which have performed highly in tests designed to measure their products. By posting the Certification Record on the company website, Clera shows a commitment to transparency and a willingness to stand behind its record.

4. Read the Fine Print

A lot of firms offer some kind of warranty for their product or services, but not all warranties are created equal. For example, a pro-rated warranty will only cover a fraction of the cost of a repair or replacement, based on how long the product is expected to last.

Windows built and installed by Clera include a lifetime warranty that applies to all hardware, along with its components and glass. It’s a “no-nonsense, non pro-rated” warranty that is also fully transferable, meaning that you can include this quality guarantee in the sales package if you ever choose to sell your home.

To find out how you can beautify your house with new windows and doors, request an estimate from Clera, a family-owned business operating in Ontario since 1978. Browse the rest of our website for details.

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