In Love With Your Vintage Leaded Glass Windows? Check Out Some New Options From Clera!

February 28, 2013



Vintage Leaded Glass Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Since 1978, Clera has been constantly evolving to bring you the best glass windows that fit your style and design. With these new options, you may just find brand new ways to express yourself with a view.

Rainwater Glass

This light-obscurity glass gives a soft, artistic feel to any home. Often used for glass desktops, any objects that shine through preserve their shape but take on a softened quality. For those who enjoy the look of rain on a window, it can be enjoyed in any type of weather that comes.

Baroque Glass

This glass is an excellent way to prevent a transparent view through a window, but maintain a classic look. Baroque is great for stained glass projects, or can go well with other stained glass already present in the home. Many people choose to use this glass to color their cupboards and other household windows, too.

Silvit Glass

Placed in vertical lines, silvit glass can give the impression of a light waterfall. It’s a cross between the modern and classic, providing privacy but color definition. This would be a perfect fit for glass bathroom doors or cabinets where that ‘wet’ look would appeal.

That’s not where it ends. After you’ve decided on your favorite glass, you can move on to grills and find something that makes your glass pop.


Personalizing your style does not stop at just the type of glass. Decorative grills enhance the look of your glass and come in a variety of options. Colonial and Georgian grills are very similar in style; the major difference being the overlapping or joining grills. Pencil grills can be used if you like a thinner, sleeker look and pewter grills are thicker and gray and can help achieve that very modern look.

Glass Options

When choosing your glass, make sure you ask about the various options that are available.

Clera glass can be made to improve energy efficiency by using what’s known as Low E Glass. It’s high solar heat gain and low UV measurement gives it a great efficiency rating.

Clera’s Argon Glass is used as a window with great insulation. The spaces of air in the glass are filled with argon gas and this improves the heat retention.

Easy-Clean Glass is specially coated so that rain will sheet off when it hits it. This results in an easier clean and a better looking glass.

I’ll bet you didn’t think there were designs out there with your name on them – and this is not even the limit on what you can choose with us. Speak with a Clera representative or visit the website and find out exactly which view is perfect for you.

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