How to Increase Natural Lighting in Your Entryway

April 6, 2020



Increase Natural Lighting in Your Entryway - Clera Windows + Doors

A home with plenty of natural light is a priceless find. It accentuates the architectural elements of your property, creates a positive atmosphere for the whole family, and can even make a room feel more spacious. If your home has a small entryway that could use some added light, we’ve got you covered. Check out our recommendations on how to increase natural lighting in the entryway of your home!

1. Maximize the Mirror Effect

Maximize The Mirror Effect In Entryway Of Home - Clera Windows + Doors

Mirrors are a staple home decorating item because, aside from making a room look brighter, they also give an illusion of spaciousness.Shop for a sizable round-shaped mirror and mount it on the interior wall adjacent to a window or opposite to a window. If you place it this way, the mirrors will reflect the light and mimic the appearance displayed on either window. If your front door only has a single sidelight but no window, you can also use this technique in deciding where to position the mirror.

2. Install Replacement Doors with Glass Panels

The type of front door you have can also play a pivotal role in the amount of natural light your entryway is going to get. Typically, solid doors designed without any glass portion will block all the sunlight.If you are serious about getting more sunshine into your home, getting a replacement door with glass panels would be an excellent option. Glass panel front doors and French doors are perfect candidates. They can increase natural light in your entryway without compromising style.If you are concerned about exposing your home’s privacy in the daytime, don’t worry. Clera Windows+Doors manufacture beautiful front doors with frosted, etched, and tinted glass panels, which cleverly conceals the interior views of your home from the outside. We carry a wide range of elegant glass-panelled front doors that can complement your home’s innate charm.

3. Paint Your Walls White

Paint Your Walls White - Clera Windows + Doors

Dark and rich-coloured walls may be all the hype these days, but they are not the most logical choice if you want to increase natural light at home. It’s because they can feel heavy and constricting, which can really make a small entryway feel even smaller.Ideally, we recommend opting for an all-white or light colour scheme when painting. A fresh coat of flat white paint is a top contender when looking for small entryway lighting ideas. It has a reflective quality that will work wonders for your home.

4. Add Exterior Windows on Either Side of Front Door

If you have ample exterior wall space in your entryway, installing large windows on either side of your front door can significantly increase the amount of natural light in your home. A pair of double-hung vinyl windows on each side of your front door will make your foyer one of the most well-lit areas in your house!

5. Utilize Transom Windows

Utilize Transom Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

On the other hand, if you have limited wall space, transom windows are great alternatives that can provide the same bright results.What are transom windows, you ask? Transom windows are located within the space separating the door from the roof. They can also be installed above any exterior windows you have installed in your home for even more light.Originally, transom windows were intended to allow cool breezes into your home and promote better air circulation. Although these days, it’s rare to see transom windows that have an opening mechanism. They are, however, still one of the most powerful ways to increase natural light. In the past, transom windows were designed in the shape of a fan or half circle. But as everything progressed, there are now a wide variety of styles developed for transom windows.

6. Front Doors with Sidelights

Front Doors With Sidelights - Clera Windows + Doors

Another convenient way to increase natural light if you cannot install full-sized replacement windows is getting sidelights for your front doors.Sidelights or sidelites are the long rectangular-shaped glass portion that usually comes built with front doors. They are gorgeous and significantly improve the natural lighting in an area. Make your front door fit for a grand entrance with sidelights on one or both sides. Frequently, front doors with sidelights are precast and sold as a single unit. However, you can also have one custom built for you if you still love your front door.

Premium Windows and Doors By Clera

Increase natural light at home in style with these small entryway lighting ideas! If you’re looking for beautifully designed replacement windows and doors to brighten up your home, look no further than Clera Windows + Doors. We boast of an extensive collection of premium-quality windows and doors that can help let in natural light to any space.Because Clera Windows + Doors is a one-stop-shop, we take care of everything, from manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. To request a free home estimate, contact us today!

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