Inexpensive Ways To Dress Up Your Windows

June 10, 2016


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Windows let in light. They also keep light out with the right curtains and can become an elegant part of any room. Many people don’t bother to dress up their windows and instead focus on the walls around them. If you’re looking for inexpensive ways to turn your windows from drab to fab, we’ve got some really great ideas that are easy to do.

You will need between $10-$25, a spare afternoon and a little creativity to complete the following projects. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish in a couple of hours with items from the dollar store. You may already have some stuff lying around the house. You might want to purchase a drop cloth or use an old sheet to work on. Things will get messy but the end result is truly worth it for the gorgeous new window dressings you’ll have.


Curtains can be anything you want them to be and you don’t have to pay a lot for them. If you have a theme going in the room, get curtains to match. Here’s the good part, instead of spending a fortune on designer curtains, you can get a pair of cheap but durable ones at a big box store like Wal Mart and embellish them yourself.

If you already have a pair of plain white curtains hanging on your window, you can jazz them up with some stencil drawings. You can also dip dye them to create an ombre effect or sew a pattern into them. If sewing isn’t your forte then you can get some iron-on decals. These are great for a child’s room because you can add trucks, shapes, animals etc. to their curtains.

Tea cloths work great in a pinch. They’re inexpensive and can substitute as curtains on smaller windows like the ones found in bathrooms, hallways or basements. Basically any material you have lying around like an old cotton t-shirt or lace dress you don’t wear anymore can be turned into a curtain. All you need is a little time.


You can make your own drapes out of shower curtains. All you have to do is purchase an inexpensive shower curtain from anywhere and decorate it the way you see fit. The only thing to remember when selecting a shower curtain to turn into drapes is to avoid using a clear curtain. You want your drapes to keep light out when they’re closed, not let it in.

Another great drape substitute are sheets. If you have extra bedding lying around, why not use it to create drapes for your living room? If extra bedding isn’t available, try burlap. It’s cheap, easy to paint, and fits right in with rustic-chic decor. Burlap makes for heavy-duty drapes which will last and not fade with sun exposure.

You don’t have to buy expensive drape ties, either. You can braid a piece of material to tie around the drapes when they’re open or use decorative napkin rings to hold them in place.


Reclaimed wood can be used to create stunning window boxes. You can also use wood to make indoor shutters and cornice boards. Instead of curtains, you can dress up a piece of plywood to hang over the top of your windows.

If you happen to have access to an old door, especially one from a barn, you can create longer shutters for your windows. This will make the room look rustic and have a country feel.

Remember when working with wood to protect yourself. Wear gloves and safety goggles - all things you can purchase at the dollar store - to ensure you don’t get splinters and debris doesn't get in your eyes when the wood is being cut. Also, if you have never used a saw before, be careful. You can even ask your local hardware store for a demonstration on how to use one, or have them cut the wood for you.


When it comes to windows, paint is your friend. If you don’t want to work with wood or make curtains, you can paint the window frames to add a pop of colour to the area. Paint is easy to work with and you don’t have to go out and buy expensive brushes. You can use a kitchen sponge to create patterns and if you’re painting the frames in a kid’s room, use a stencil to make dinosaurs and other fun shapes.

Another way to use paint to your advantage is to paint the actual window itself. You do not have to paint the whole thing as you still want to let some light in but you can paint a portion of it to create the illusion of frosted glass or stained glass.

No matter what you choose to do to jazz up your windows, remember to have fun while doing it!

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