Tips for Creating a Bright Bedroom

June 11, 2014



Tips For Creating A Bright Bedroom - Clera Windows + Doors

Oftentimes a brighter and more expansive room go hand in hand and it can be difficult to create one without the other. This is because a spacious room automatically looks brighter. The best way to make your bedroom seem brighter and more inviting is to maximize natural light and minimize clutter.


If you are willing to go all out to improve the light levels in your bedroom than there is no better way to create a bright bedroom space than by adding some windows. Available in a huge range of styles, colors, and shapes they are the perfect option for a room that needs a facelift and can be customized to fit any space.

In a large bedroom nothing is as inviting as a large bay or bow window with comfy window seating and a nearby bookshelf forming an attractive and bright reading nook. A smaller bedroom can be just as easy to brighten up as long as one carefully considers their options. To save wall space for storage and décor, consider adding windows along the top of the wall where they will be out of the way of dressers, shelving, and artwork. A great way to add natural light without worrying about privacy, high windows can be particularly effective in densely populated areas where the view from one house is usually another house.

For something more uniquely you, opt for specialty shaped vinyl windows which can be create in almost any shape or design and add character and a personal touch to your bedroom. With decorative glass options, painted exteriors, brickmoulds, and a shaped interior trim custom windows have never been easier to find or afford.

Reflective Surfaces

Once you have lots of natural light coming in to your bedroom, it is important to make the most of it. Strategically placed mirrors can catch and reflect the light into darker parts of the room and reflective, white surfaces will help increase the overall light level. Painting windowsills white and keeping them free of clutter will also help to increase the perception of high natural light levels.


Keeping your room organized and clutter-free is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep it looking bright and inviting. Clutter detracts from your carefully chosen décor and makes a room feel closed in, claustrophobic, and dim. Purchase a couple of good storage units painted a bright, reflective color to match your décor and be sure to put everything in its place to keep your bedroom looking its best.

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