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Utilizing Windows to Increase Entryway Lighting

Despite the amount of time and effort we put into cleaning our homes, our entryways somehow always end up still feeling cluttered. That’s just the way entryways are. They tend to be the smallest space in the house, but often have the most coats, shoes, and people all jockeying for space.

You can’t do much about the actual physical dimensions of the entryway, but you can make it feel bigger by using plenty of natural light. Here are some of our tips for using windows to make your entryway feel big and airy.

  1. Think About Your Door When You Think About Your Windows
    Your door is the largest visual feature in the entryway, and will draw everyone’s eyes. Any pattern of windows should use the door as its touchstone and focal point.Generally, any glass features in your door should match your windows. We say generally because there are exceptions, and interior designers have managed to make great contrasts between different styles and colors of glass. Still, for most people it’s easier to simply match them. Use the lines of the glass in your door to determine the placement and shape of nearby windows, and use the patterns and styles of your door to determine what kind of windows to purchase.
  2. Use Vertical Space
    Most modern houses are built with a high entryway roofs, often 12 feet high or more. If you have a 12 foot ceiling, you have four feet of oppressive-looking blank space. Placing a giant window or several windows above the door and along the wall looks much better and keeps the light flowing.
  3. Give Up Hanging Space
    Many houses are still designed with few entryway windows in order to make space for coat racks and other storage. This is largely a bad idea. You don’t want coats out in your entryway as it looks cluttered. Dedicate some closet space nearby, and turn those clutter-collecting walls into clutter-minimizing windows.
  4. Think Big
    Entryway lighting doesn’t begin and end with windows near the door! In an open-plan house, the entryway might get direct light from other rooms or even other floors. Think about where your other windows are and, if necessary, move furniture to feed more natural light into the entryway. You could also consider skylights or additional windows in other major rooms in the house.

Entryways don’t have to be cluttered little boot rooms. Your home is your palace, and a palace always has a great entrance. Contact our team today to see how you can transform your space!

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