How to Tell Your Windows Weren't Properly Installed

August 15, 2019



Windows Weren't Properly Installed - Clera Windows + Doors

It’s no secret that replacement windows can be an expensive investment. So when you use your hard-earned money to give your home a little extra TLC it’s understandable that you expect the job to be done right… which makes it all the more frustrating when a poor job has been done.

Not sure how to tell if your windows have been improperly installed? There are various indications of a poor job that you can keep an eye out for. Here are five signs of a bad window installation:

How To Tell Your Windows Weren't Properly Installed - Clera Windows + Doors

Gaps in Your Windows

The first sign of a bad window installation is if there are gaps between the frame and the window sill. This is a very clear sign that a poor job was done as it will be pretty obvious right away. This means that whoever installed your window didn’t take the time to correctly take your window’s measurements. Not doing so can result in the window’s frame is too large for the glass. Either that or the installer picked a glass size that was closest to the frame’s measurements.

Gaps in your windows can be incredibly dangerous as the glass is not properly secured, meaning it could potentially fall and shatter. If you have children or pets, they may be vulnerable to getting injured if they are near the window when this happens. Your best option is to replace it immediately so no one can get hurt.

Drafty Windows

A common reason you might have originally replaced your windows was because you were dealing with drafts. Not only can this let in air from the outdoors when it’s least wanted, but it can also be one of the reasons why your electric bill is so high. Replacing them was the right choice in this instance… but what happens when the draft is still there afterwards?

Most windows today are manufactured to be energy efficient, especially if they are double or triple-paned. The moment you feel a breeze passing through your newly installed windows, you should realize that something’s not right. Contact your window installation company right away, otherwise, your utility bills will suffer.

Drafty Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Condensation Between the Panes

Another sign of a bad window installation is if you see any condensation or fog on the inside of the window panes. What this means is that the seal that keeps the gas trapped in between the window panes has been compromised. This gas is used to make sure your windows are operating at their highest efficiency, which will keep your energy bill lower than a single-paned window.

Any installer who knows what they are doing will realize the importance of making sure the seal remains intact. If you notice your windows have collected condensation in the morning, follow up with your installation company.

Operational Failure

Even when the most noticeable signs of a bad window installation aren’t present, any difficulties with opening, closing, or the general mechanics of your replacement window will indicate a potential issue. After all, what’s the point of buying new windows when they don't work as they should? You paid for functional windows, so that is what you should get.

Whether you can’t open your window, you can’t close them once they’re open, you close them but the wind blows them open, or the lock mechanism doesn’t work properly, your windows weren’t installed properly. This could even be caused by your windows being out of level. Crooked windows will throw off their alignment, making them harder to operate.

Leaks And Water Damage - Clera Windows + Doors

Leaks and Water Damage

The next sign of a bad window installation is pretty obvious. Leaks and water damage around your window are considered to be the number one enemy of homes. Any moisture that finds its way inside can lead to a wide variety of complications including the growth of mildew, mould and various fungi—which can all be detrimental to you and your family’s health. Over time, water damage can also affect the integrity of your home’s structural health, weakening it.

When it rains for the first time after having your new windows installed, check them for any signs of leaks. Catching this problem early will give you ample time to have them replaced, securing your home’s structure and family’s health in the long run.

In an ideal world, you would not have to worry about whether or not your windows were properly installed. Before deciding on a window installation company, make sure you do your research. Finding a greatly reviewed and highly skilled company like Clera Windows & Doors can help make sure you don’t suffer from a bad installation. Our team of dedicated window technicians will work hard to ensure that your windows are installed to both our standards and yours.

We hope our list of five warning signs of a bad window installation was helpful! Contact us today if you are ever in need of replacement windows in Toronto.

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