What Is An Electronic Deadbolt?

November 15, 2018



What Is An Electronic Deadbolt - Clera Windows + Doors

Are you looking for an effective device to elevate your home security? If so, you may want to consider investing in an electronic deadbolt. This type of deadbolt offers homeowners many benefits over a traditional mechanical deadbolt while also coming in a wide variety of styles to fit the aesthetic of your home.

The installation of a deadbolt to your door is an essential if you want to keep possible intruders out and an electronic deadbolt may be just what you are looking for. It offers a bit more convenience and security than a mechanical deadbolt and is appropriate for homeowners who want a fool-proof method for keeping their home secure.

This blog will list some of the major benefits as well as drawbacks so that a homeowner can be fully informed about their choice before deciding to proceed with the installation of an electronic deadbolt.

Benefits of an Electronic Deadbolt

An Automated Locking Mechanism

An electronic deadbolt functions via keypad and a battery-operated locking mechanism. Once the key combination is entered, the system will either remove or insert the bolt into the lock, similar to the way a traditional mechanical deadbolt would work. The only difference between the two is that an electronic deadbolt has a fully automated locking mechanism.

The automatic locking mechanism is also beneficial because you can set up the system to automatically lock when the door closes. This easily programmable feature is ideal for minimizing human error, as many people may forget to lock the door behind them when rushing into or out of the house. This simple feature will prevent this from occurring as the bolt will automatically be released when the door is shut.


Another beneficial aspect of electronic deadbolts is that homeowners have the ability to store and program several key code combinations. The majority of models will allow you to store up to 5 different codes, meaning you will never be left stranded if you happen to forget one. Because the keypad will directly control the access into and out of your home, you will never need to worry about losing or locking your keys elsewhere. While a key can still be used as an alternative for locking and unlocking your door, it will not need to be the primary method for doing so.

Added Level of Security

When you purchase an electronic deadbolt, you have the option of choosing a single cylinder model, or a dual one. A single cylinder model will require a key to be used to unlock your home from the outside of the door, while a dual cylinder model will require a key to be inserted into both sides of the door. Dual cylinder models are recommended to those who have doors installed with glass windows, as this can deter an intruder from breaking the glass and turning the knob.

Electronic locks will also provide an additional level of safety for children. The keypad lock will eliminate the need for your child to carry around a house key if they get home from school before you get home from work. When your child is at school, it is quite easy for them to mistakenly drop or lose a house key, and the last thing you want is for them to be locked out of the house once they get home from school. With the use of a keypad lock, your child will only need their security code to unlock the front door and access the home. Once they are inside, the door will automatically lock behind them to ensure their safety upon your return.


There are a few electronic deadbolts that can be used with remote controls in conjunction with other household devices in your home, including your garage door opener. Similar to a remote signal being used to lock and unlock your car door and garage without a key, the electronic deadbolt will work similarly via remote control. Some pricier electronic deadbolts are even equipped with fingerprint scanners, which are great options for building your home security plan.

Downsides to Electronic Deadbolts


When it comes to pricing, electronic deadbolts definitely come at a premium as opposed to its mechanical deadbolt counterpart. The majority of electronic deadbolts are at least a couple hundred dollars and will vary depending on the amount of features and level of security you desire. Electronic deadbolts that do not have home automation capabilities would usually be one of the basic, entry-level models available for purchase.

You Must Remember to Change the Battery

When you have an electronic deadbolt installed, you need to be proactive and ensure the battery does not die. In the event that your battery is running low, most electronic locks will inform you via low battery warning well in advance to ensure you have lots of time to switch them out. This, however, may be something to consider if you are looking to install an electronic lock on a vacation home or other location where it may not be inspected regularly. To ensure you avoid the risk at all costs, we recommend changing the batteries out once a year at the same time the batteries in your smoke detector are changed.

Limited Style Options

While the majority of electronic locks do come in sleek styles and designs, the options are often limited when it comes to the design aesthetic of your automatic device. Though you do have room to choose, there are not nearly as many style and finish options when choosing an electronic deadbolt as opposed to the endless options with a mechanical deadbolt.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that keyless door locks have recently become popular among homeowners. Even though this type of locking mechanism was originally developed for use with remote entry systems such as in cars, they have been successfully modified for use in the home as well. While there are several reasons to consider installing an electronic deadbolt in your home, there are also some drawbacks associated with this type of locking mechanism. Before you decide which to install, be sure to consider all the pros and cons and do your research beforehand.

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