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What is window glazing and why is it important?

If you need to replace your windows, it is important to be aware of what glazing is. Many people mistakenly believe that this is something you do your windows in order to make them more energy efficient. This is partly true, but not in the way most would expect. Glazing actually refers to the glass itself that is installed within the frame. Windows comes in all different styles and types, but they will generally be equipped with single or dual pane sheets.

Energy efficient windows come standard with double panes and are often called “double hung” for this reason. If you want to ensure your home is sealed up completely, you can even opt to install a triple glaze that will fit in between the two panes. The gaps between the inner and out glazes can leak air, although this is typically kept to a minimum by gases that are present inside.

Do you need to glaze your windows?

Glazing a window is one of the best things you can to do maximize the energy efficiency of your home. Aside from doors, poorly functioning windows are usually the biggest culprits for heat loss. For various reasons, your windows might need to be reglazed. For instance, if the glass has been damaged or cracked in any way, you can be sure that something will need to be done sooner or later. To this end, it is always better to fix the problem as quickly as possible, so as to prevent further harm. If you notice the glass has been cracked or is warped, this is a sure sign that glazing will need to be performed.

Most reglazing jobs are actually performed not on windows that have been damaged, but rather have just reached the point where doing so is necessary. They do have an expiration date, and when that time comes you will want to make sure you get them reglazed properly. This does not only mean installing ones that have multiple panes of glass (which will significantly improve energy savings alone), but also choosing other options that are available to you. Most glass can be tinted as well, which entails having a coat of clear film present to block out light and even further save on energy costs.

Depending on what work needs to be performed; you will probably want to hire a professional glazier to the job for you. Many older homes have windows that simply cannot be replaced. Homeowners will often want to preserve the character and style of the era, which can pose an issue when the glass itself needs to be reglazed. You can either have someone come to the job at your home, or you can send your windows in to a firm that specializes in reglazing services. Ultimately, glazing is something that most people will have to do at some point in time. Doing so is critical for increasing the energy efficiency of your home, as well as keeping your windows in good condition.



  • Avatar for Juan Juan says:

    I guess you can call me one of the dumb people that thought glazing meant adding a special coating to the glass. We need to have this done. How much does Clera charge?

  • Avatar for Erik Erik says:

    Our home is very old, and I am not going to risk damaging my windows. I will probably need to call in a professional; hopefully they can keep most of the original look intact.

  • Avatar for Frank Frank says:

    I can vouch for the energy-efficiency point. We recently had our windows glazed and have noticed a reduction in our heating bill.

  • It really helped when you stated how important glazing windows and doors is to have an energy-efficient home. My sister has been shocked about her energy bills recently and she has been making it her utmost priority to replace everything that may be taking up too much power. Along with appliance replacements, she may also benefit from getting some of her windows replaced as well, so I’ll definitely recommend that she contact a glass contractor and find any glazed window options they have and install them.

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