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Windows Warranty—Does It Matter?

When it comes to investing in window replacements, homeowners must not only be meticulous about the product, but also the service warranty it comes with. It’s an assurance that will save you from a lot of hassle should you encounter any mishap involving the product in the future. 

The harsh truth is that most of the warranties you’re likely to encounter when shopping for windows are not meant to benefit the consumer. It’s not uncommon to find some that are too complicated to be useful when they’re actually needed. 

In the following sections, we’ll explore the different types of window warranties available, what they typically cover, and how they can safeguard your investment for the long term.

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What to Look for in a Window Warranty

A window warranty is a legally binding agreement between the manufacturer and the consumer that outlines the terms and conditions related to the repair, replacement, or refund of windows in the event of defects, faults, or failures within a specified period of time.

Unfortunately, the “warranty” can be little more than a marketing ploy some companies use to convince customers to make the purchase. They often pack their warranties with limitations and exceptions that their sales agents conveniently neglect to disclose. 

When evaluating a windows warranty, the key elements to check for are the potential exclusions. You should have a clear idea of when it will apply, and, more importantly, under which circumstances it will become void. Let’s discuss these elements below.


 two window manufacturers moving a vinyl window together

Type of Coverage

A common issue with most window warranties is that they typically only cover either the product or the installation, but rarely both.

For instance, if you purchase a product that was installed by a different manufacturing company and it gets damaged, you would have to chase after who is responsible for the damage. This could lead to you dealing with two separate and limited warranties, which can be a time-consuming, exhausting, and discouraging process.

What you need is a window manufacturer that can take care of both the manufacturing and installation of products. This ensures you have a streamlined warranty contract that won’t become more trouble than it’s worth.


Here’s a common warranty limitation that window companies neglect to discuss with their clients. When you sell your property, the warranty might be forfeited because you are technically no longer the homeowner.

When going over the contract, ensure you are protected with a transferable window warranty. Not only does this increase your home’s resale value, but it also assures the new homeowners in feeling adequately protected from issues with their windows in the future.

Duration of Coverage

The length of the warranty is crucial. A variety of factors can affect the lifespan of a window, from extreme weather conditions to natural wear and tear. The last thing you want is to find yourself needing your warranty only to discover it has expired.

A longer warranty period typically indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the window’s durability and quality. Look for warranties with coverage of at least 10 years or more—if you’re lucky, a lifetime warranty will provide coverage against defects for as long as you live on the property. It’s worth shopping around to find a company willing to stand by its products!

Potential Exclusions and Limitations

Pay attention to the exclusions and limitations mentioned in the window warranty. Here are some common exclusions that may be included:

  • Improper installation
  • Misuse or abuse
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Acts of nature
  • Unauthorized repairs or modifications
  • Exposure to harsh environments
  • Condensation issues
  • Damage during transport or handling
  • Alterations or additions
  • Cosmetic issues
  • Damage from pests or insects

Manufacturing Defects

If you’re in the market to buy new windows, it is strongly advised that you consider whether your warranty will cover manufacturing defects. 

Sometimes defects are immediately obvious, and most companies will happily swap out your window if it shows signs of damage shortly after purchase, but what about down the road? Some manufacturing defects may not be immediately obvious. 

With that in mind, make sure to clarify what a “lifetime warranty” means before buying a replacement window from any window manufacturer. You want to have a clear delineation between problems caused by user error—which are still covered—and problems that typically arise from a manufacturing defect.

A good warranty should protect against the following:

  • Separation of the welds in metal components
  • Failure of any kind in the window machinery
  • Chips, cracks, fading, warping, blistering, or delamination of the PVC
  • Filminess or cloudiness inside the windows or between the panes
  • Breakage caused by weather
  • Damage to screens


an expert inspects a newly installed window

Questions to Ask Your Provider About Your Window Warranty

When considering the warranty offered by a window manufacturer, it’s essential to gather all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Here are some crucial questions to ask the window manufacturer about the warranty of their product:

  • How long is your warranty valid?
  • Do you offer a full or limited lifetime warranty? Is your warranty pro-rated?
  • Is the warranty transferable to a new homeowner if I sell the property?
  • What does the warranty cover? (e.g., defects, materials, craftsmanship)
  • Are there any exclusions or instances that could void the warranty?
  • How do I initiate a claim, and what is the process involved?
  • Does the warranty cover both parts and labour costs for repairs and replacements?

Asking these questions will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the window manufacturer’s warranty policy and its implications for your investment. Make sure you always read the warranty document carefully and clarify any uncertainties before making a purchase, ensuring that you are confident in the protection and support provided for your windows in the years to come.

Choose Clera for the Best Windows Warranty

Every window we manufacture comes with a comprehensive window warranty which covers all window hardware, components, and glass. If part of your window needs to be replaced, you can rest assured that you won’t pay hefty fees for it.

Clera Windows + Doors has been a family-run business since 1978. Our impeccable taste for well-designed products and commitment to providing the best service to all our customers has made us one of the leading providers of windows and doors in Ontario.

Window shopping doesn’t have to be an empty experience. To learn more about our windows warranty or to request a free home estimate, please contact us today! 

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