What to Look for When Hiring Window Cleaners

September 20, 2012



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Window cleaning is dangerous and difficult for amateurs.  However, it does need to be done.  If you can find a window cleaning crew that meets the qualifications below, it is a great idea to treat yourself and hire them.

Cleans By Hand

Some commercial cleaning companies use automated brushing machines to clean windows.  This is alright commercially because commercial windows get scratched up anyways.  However, it is terrible for your pristine, gently handled home windows.  A good window cleaning company should scrub your windows with soap and water.

No Subcontractors

Never hire a company that sends subcontractors to do the actual washing.  Often, you will have no way of knowing who the subcontractors are before they actually show up.  Additionally, many unscrupulous hire and exploit undocumented immigrants.

Small Crews

Small crews are great because the people you talk to on the phone will also be the ones doing the cleaning.  With large crews, a lot of your specific requests and recommendations can get lost in the communication gulfs between the receptionist, the dispatcher, and the crew.

With small crews, it is also easier to build trust.  If a crew only has two cleaners, you will get to know them well.  You won’t have to worry about clumsy or sticky-fingered new hires.


Window cleaning is a learned trade.  It can take years to learn how to polish a window to be perfectly spotless, without streaking or scratching it.  Specifically, it takes about three years.  If you stick to using small crews, it will be easier to find out if everyone doing the actual washing has at least three years of experience.

Professional Association

Like any other trade, window cleaners usually are members of window cleaning associations.  This helps to keep them up to speed on new cleaning technologies, products, and techniques.  If a window cleaner is not a member of an association, it makes you wonder “why not?”  Often, it’s because the company doesn’t meet the minimum quality standards demanded by the professional association.

BBB rating

In Canada, quality businesses are certified by the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB offers certification only if a company can demonstrate that they deal with customers in good faith.  If a company in Canada DOESN’T have BBB certification,  that is a giant red flag.

Has References

Hopefully, your employment of window cleaners will be long-term.  Like any long-term employees, they should be willing to provide you with a list of references.  Call the references to make sure that they’re legitimate.

No-Obligation Quotes

A company that does business in good faith will not charge you, or force you into a contract, just to find out how much something will cost.  Try to find three companies that meet all of the criteria on this list and compare their quotes.  In window cleaning, price does not always correlate with quality.  A cheap company might end up doing a great job.

Happy company hunting!

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