What To Look For When Installing A Patio Door

October 2, 2015



Patio Door Considerations - Clera Windows + Doors

Replacing your home’s patio door is more than just about aesthetics; these entryways are critical security points for your property, and thus should be kept up to par at all times. If one of these doors is malfunctioning, it could be placing your family at an unnecessary safety risk.

This is why durability and security, along with energy-efficiency, are deemed the most important characteristics of any patio door. You want to buy a door that will offer superior insulation, as well as protection from the elements and unwanted intruders.Needless to say, there are more than enough door types to choose from these days, a truth that can be quite frustrating for uninformed homeowner. Therefore, here are a few of the things you should check out when opting for a replacement patio door!

How to Select the Perfect Patio Door

  • Choose the correct material for your home and personal needs
    Like most doors, modern patio models are manufactured in wood, vinyl, aluminum, and clad-wood. Each of these products has its own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages, so the choice does not always come down to personal preference. Natural wood looks great, vinyl is often touted as the most durable door and window product, and aluminum is renowned for its lightweight design and cost-effective availability. Depending on what’s important to you in your patio door, there is an available option!One important factor to always take into consideration is the specific climate in which you live. Homes in warm weather regions tend to be better suited with metal patio doors, since heat loss is a non-issue.
  • What kind of features do you want/need?
    This is where you will need to sit down and mull over all the options, because there can be quite a lot.After selecting a configuration style (patio doors can feature upwards of four panels), the choice of grilles and glass types must be taken into account. If you wish to promote maximum energy-efficiency, Low-E (which is short for low emission) glass is the best option. In addition, vinyl, fiberglass and steel are among the best materials.Of course, energy efficiency should always be a leading consideration when choosing a new patio door, given the sheer amount of savings on your energy bills. Your home will become a much greener house in the process, with your carbon footprint greatly reduced. Keep in mind the door’s R-value as well, as this provide a measure of the door’s insulation abilities. A high number (for example, R-10) is especially ideal. Another significant way to maximize your energy-efficiency is by investing in a patio door that is certified by Energy Star. For more information on this, click here.

    As well, tempered glass is the ideal choice when safety is a primary concern, as is typically the case when there are young children living in the home.

Additional patio door features can include the installation of a pet door, along with decorative textured glass and custom blinds. Above all, purchase a patio door that exceeds both your family’s wants and needs.

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