When Does Too Many Windows Become a Security Risk?

April 19, 2013



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The two most vulnerable points in your home are your windows and doors. Although most break-ins occur through the front door, if your windows are less than half an inch thick, so if they do not have proper security measures, they each pose a potential risk. The more windows you have in your home, the more opportunities an intruder has to get inside. Your windows should be one of the most protected areas of your home.

The Risks Involved

If you believe that a burglar does not have the wits or the resources to get into your home, you may be mistaken. Some consider this their career, and have multiple ways to bypass your windows and doors. Amazingly, less than 15% of all home burglars are ever caught and serve time. This isn’t meant to scare; it’s meant to put some fire in your garter and make you take action to secure your windows.

Exploited Windows

Each window poses a threat. Numerous windows each serve as a potential entry point, even if they are on the second floor. Most burglars don’t even bother to attempt to pick a lock. They understand that it is easier and faster to use crude methods, like smashing a window. They will be gone long before the police show up if they get in, so having strong windows that are shatter resistant on every window makes a difference. For those who think the sound of shattering glass will be enough to make a burglar run, they will be in and out in no time. They understand that other neighbors will likely think a ball just went through a window if no one sees.

Locking Mechanisms on Windows

Each window should have a secure locking mechanism that if aesthetic, should provide a good measure of security.  You should consider getting your windows replaced if they are old or have insufficient locking mechanisms. Windows on old, wooden frames are more susceptible to break-ins than modern ones.

Keep in Mind

Remember to check each window before you leave the house. No matter how safe your windows are, if they are left open the entire purpose of protecting your windows is defeated.

Also, never underestimate a burglar. Unfortunately, some of them have chosen this as their career path and have a good deal of knowledge on the subject. If there is a flaw in your home, a burglar may have the knowledge on how to exploit it.

If you have a large number of windows in your home, it doesn’t mean you have to now worry that your home is a target for intruders, you just have to take some steps to ensure that your windows are safe and secure.

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