Why Double Pane Windows Are A Necessity In Canada

March 18, 2019



Why Double Pane Windows Are Necessity - Clera Windows + Doors

While single pane windows were the norm until the mid twentieth century, double and even triple pane windows have become increasingly popular.

These windows are used all over the world, and especially in Canada. Almost every window installation in Toronto will involve double pane windows as a rule, as they offer so many benefits over single pane fixtures.

So why are double pane windows so important in Canada?

There are a variety of reasons Toronto has favoured these thicker windows in practically every building. We’ve put together a list of reasons you should be considering double pane windows for your next set of replacement windows. Read on to find out more!

Double Pane Windows For Next Set Of Replacement Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Improved insulation

Perhaps the most most crucial factor that makes double pane windows important in Canada is their improved insulation compared to single pane windows.

Double pane windows consist of two panes of glass sandwiched together with a layer of gas or air between them. They are held in place with a rubber seal in a frame that is installed into the side of your home. This structure affords them considerably greater insulation capabilities compared to single pane windows.

The two glass panes offer double the thickness of glass, which is twice as much material that heat or cold has to move through in order to impact the atmosphere of your home. In addition, the layer of gas between the two panes is often filled with an inert, non-heat conductive gas such as argon or krypton. These gases do not change in temperature very readily, offering further protection from changes in external temperature.

This is especially important in Canada, where winter temperatures can plummet into the deep negatives, and summer can be scorching and humid. When looking at getting window installation in Toronto, double pane windows should be at the top of your wishlist.

Enhanced impact resistance

Having twice the glass offers you twice the resistance to breaking and shattering from impacts.

If you live on a busy street in an urban area, there is always a possibility that you might become the victim of some petty vandalism in the form of things being thrown at windows. Single pane windows will generally put up very little fight when being met with a rock or something similar, shattering pretty easily. However, double pane windows have double the amount of glass and a cushioning layer of gas between them. This helps them to resist impacts from any external object, potentially avoiding a broken window all together.

Toronto is known for its ice and hail storms during winter and spring, which can wreak havoc on thinner windows. Having double pane fixtures can help your home weather any storm, and getting the right window installation in Toronto is crucial to ensuring your property is protected.

Better light filtering

A concern that not that many people may be aware of is damage from sunlight, and double pane windows can help protect against this.

Sunlight is made up of a range of different frequencies, with the most widely known being infrared and ultraviolet (UV). Infrared light is responsible for conducting heat, while UV light is used by plants for photosynthesis and is what causes us to get a tan or sunburn. UV light is also the main cause behind sun-induced bleaching and degradation of many plastics, woods, and fabrics as it breaks down bonds within the material. Double pane windows offer twice the amount of glass sunlight has to travel through, which helps filter out more of these harmful rays. In addition, many double pane windows are coated with special substances that reflect infrared light, helping to prevent heat transfer between the outside and inside environments.

Particularly in Toronto, where summers can be hot and sticky and winters can be extremely cold, having effective light filtering can make a huge difference to your climate control. Getting a double pane window installation in Toronto can also help protect your floors, furniture, and countertops from sun bleaching through the special coatings applied to them.

Better Light Filtering - Clera Windows + Doors

Higher energy efficiency

Double pane windows also offer exceptional energy efficiency compared to their single pane counterparts.

In the age of eco-friendliness and green technology, many homeowners are looking to what they can do to help the environment in their properties. Double pane windows are highly insulating, meaning that HVAC systems do not have to work as hard to maintain a temperature inside the home. This means they need to use less energy to achieve the same outcomes, saving that output and lowering the impact on the Earth. Not only is this good for the planet, but saving energy will lower your hydro bill and save you money in the long run too.

When you get a double pane window installation in Toronto, you’ll be not only doing your bit for the environment, but also a favour to your wallet. If you replace all the windows in your home to energy efficient fixtures, you’ll notice the savings on your heating and cooling bills fairly quickly. Heat and cold will no longer be lost between your windows and the outside, allowing you to save both energy and money.

Clera Windows + Doors offers the most professional window installation service in Toronto. Our custom build each of our windows in our Ontario manufacturing facility, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We specialise in windows of all shapes and sizes with dual pane fixtures, using energy efficient materials and techniques to save our customers money. Contact us today and get your new double pane window installation service.

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