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Your Guide To Choosing The Best Window Style For Your Home

Window design and technology has come a long way in the last few years. The best new windows installation, for your new building or as a replacement for old windows, can dramatically improve the appearance of your home and reduce your energy costs.

Windows let in the essentials of nature, namely fresh air, light, and warm sunrays, into your home. They also provide you and your loved ones with comfort and protection from the elements. But when it comes to installing new windows, the homeowner often opts to replace them with the same style as the existing ones.

While a new casement window installation is likely to fit in an existing casement window opening with minimal complications, you can be creative with your new window installation. Choose a window that reflects your personality. For instance, you may give new life to an opening for your traditional double hung windows with contemporary casement windows.

Your choices for new window replacements are virtually limitless. To help narrow your choices, the most common options include:

  1. Single hung windows
    These windows come with two sashes, but only have only one operable opening from the bottom up. Their simple style and mode of operation makes single hung windows ideal for low-budget window replacements for small openings. Another advantage is that single hung windows tend to fit well with most conventional house styles.
  2. Double hung windows
    These windows come with two operable sashes that slide up and down. They also feature a tilt-in mechanism that makes for convenient cleaning. They are mostly found in older homes, though you can use them to give your house a traditional look. With an easy-to-operate sliding mechanism, these windows are great for improving airflow in your rooms.
  3. Casement windows
    These windows are hinged on the side to swing open like a door. With a single sash and hand crank for opening and locking, casement windows provide a great option for homeowners who want to maximize ventilation and value clear views of the exterior. They are also great where an alternative exit may be needed for security purposes, such as a bedroom. Casement windows are well suited for older architectural-style homes, such as Victorian or colonial, though many new constructions also feature them a lot.
  4. Awning windows
    Hinged at the top, awnings often create a versatile and distinct look when combined with a second window style – such as picture windows. This design allows for convenient airflow without exposing your interior to the elements, such as rain or snow.
  5. Bay and bow windows
    These windows are usually installed at the front of a home. They are designed to extend outward to make the space appear larger. Bay and bow windows comprise a mixture of fixed and operable windows. They have deep sills that you can use to display plants or other decorative features.
  6. Picture windows
    Picture windows are essentially large, inoperable windows designed to offer expansive views and let in natural lighting. They are often paired with operable windows for ventilation purposes, to create bay or bow windows, for instance. Inoperable picture windows are ideal for houses with high, vaulted ceilings. They are also commonly installed as arch windows over decorative areas.
  7. Gliding windows
    Gliders do not protrude outside. Instead, they are designed to slide horizontally on the windowsill. This feature makes them ideal for porch or deck installation. They come with a number of convenient features, including an exclusive handle that provides easy, one-handed operation; removable operating sash for easy cleaning; and automatic locking when the window slides shut.
  8. Round top windows
    You can choose a window design that comes with arched or half-moon top windows for their beautiful, distinctive look. Round top windows come in both single-window and multi-window assemblies, in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your personal preferences. They provide a great way to add individuality and elegance to your home.
  9. Specialty shapes
    There are numerous options for window shapes and sizes. If none of the typical window styles meet your unique needs, consider customizing the details of your specialty windows to give your home a truly distinctive appearance. You can personalize the shape, design, colour, materials, and many other elements to add personal charm to your home.

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