Clera Windows and Doors: An Award Winning Company


An Award Winning Company - Clera Windows + Doors

Excerpt from Siding, Windows and Remodelling Magazine

In an age when industrial statesmanship is in short supply, it is useful to dwell on how Clera Windows and Doors thrived in a field characterized by volatility. Clera Windows and Doors did it the old fashioned way. It earned it — not by cunning, not by downsizing, and not by short-term profit maximization.For Clera Windows and Doors the company blueprint has not really changed — SERVICE YOUR CLIENTS IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY WITH SUPERIOR STAFF AND STRONG PRODUCT OFFERINGS. This ideal has held true since 1978 and it has helped Clera Windows and Doors achieve market share leadership in the residential PVC replacement window, door and siding industry.The company has taken whatever measures necessary to keep Clera Windows and Doors on top, but gives most of the credit to employees, which it likes to think of as family members. “I truly think the strength of Clera Windows and Doors is the people involved,” said John Gainham, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We have been fortunate enough to attract and maintain the most qualified team available.”ORGANIZATIONThe company recognizes that it had to establish and maintain an organizational environment which fostered individual motivation, initiative and creativity working towards established objectives and goals. Each territory was established with this in mind. Clera Windows and Doors is one of the few [window manufacturing companies] (/node/11 whose sole client is the homeowner. It markets directly to the end user of the product. Its customers love this approach because the factory direct concept allows them to get together with a company that sells, manufactures, installs and services. This concept gives clients what they want; comfort, quality and ease.EMPLOYEESClera Windows and Doors gives ownership to each manager in their specified territory — by operating this way it attracts the best and provides them opportunity for personal satisfaction that comes from a sense of accomplishment in a job well done. Head office staff support, coach and path-clear, using a pro-active approach. This is accomplished through business planning/implementation, quarterly plans and reviews, field visits, ongoing training and re-training programs in the field and at the head office facility. “Intellectual capital is the foundation of our company,” said Gainham.CORE BUSINESS“We concentrate our efforts, continually seeking new opportunities for growth, but limiting our involvement to areas in which we have capability and can make a contribution. This forces us to focus on what puts smoke up your chimney,” said Gainham.GROWTHMr. Gainham emphasizes growth as a measure of strength and a requirement for the future. Clera Windows and Doors has recently built a large new manufacturing facility strategically located in Concord, Ontario close to all major shipping arteries. The factory houses training facilities, enhanced automated computer and manufacturing systems and just-in-time shipping capabilities. “This manufacturing facility positions us to open new territories in Ontario and abroad upon receipt of qualified applicants,” said Gainham.CUSTOMER SATISFACTION“Clera Windows and Doors strives for continual improvement in the quality of products and services we offer our customers,” states Gainham. A concern about quality came easy to Clera Windows and Doors. Some sealed units were failing. The seal under certain conditions needed to be improved. Clera Windows and Doors's concern about reliability was demonstrated by the action taken. At great expense to itself, Clera Windows and Doors pioneered a dual seal, which outperforms standard technology. This was done rather than risk poor customer relations.COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENTClera Windows and Doors understands the need to contribute to the communities in which it operates. Each territory is supported by a factory trained manager who understands his local market demands and realities. Being an active participant means sponsoring things like local sports teams, the chamber of commerce, charitable associations, and others in need. “Doing the right thing allows all of us to operate our business in a kinder, gentler and softer manner”, said Gainham.The retail replacement window, door and siding business is very competitive. “We understand the need to focus on the opinions of our paying customers — the only opinion that really counts”, concludes Gainham.

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