The Best Windows & Doors in Bolton

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The Best Windows & Doors in Bolton

GTA, Service Representatives - Clera Windows & Doors

Our GTA Team

Our local Bolton team has been serving surrounding areas for over 45 years!


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Our Local Clera Branch Serves Bolton

As the manufacturers and installers of all our windows and doors, we stand behind our work.

GTA, Service Representatives - Clera Windows & Doors

Our GTA Team

Our local Bolton team has been serving surrounding areas for over 45 years!


Contact us for more information and about a free quote!

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Our Local Clera Branch Serves Bolton

As the manufacturers and installers of all our windows and doors, we stand behind our work.

Clera Windows + Doors

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Clera Windows + Doors

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Phone: 1-905-738-1870
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Best Windows And Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

Get over

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With our wide range of ENERGY STAR products, you can be sure to save big on your next dream project!

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The Best Windows & Doors in Bolton

Doors and windows that match your interior and stand sturdy against any harsh weather conditions are what you need. While many manufacturers and dealers promise customers they’ll be providing the best material in the market, it’s never for certain how many stays true to their promise. Clera Windows & Doors are leading manufacturers of doors and windows, and have been around for more than 41 years. Founded in 1978 by Steve Mastrorillo, Clera is a leading manufacturer based in Canada, and we’ve been using his family-focused approach to running a business the whole time.

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Removing old doors and windows and replacing them with more energy-efficient, quality, custom-made windows is what we do at Clera Windows & Doors. And those doors and windows are strong enough to last for as long as your home does. Bolton residents know Clera Windows + Doors will give their new homes the distinction they’re looking for and older homes a fresher, up-to-date look and increased energy efficiency.

Known as Canada’s largest, oldest and most trusted brand for doors and windows, Clera products mirror the country’s diversity, quality, and unique designs. Our four-decade long-running family business, manufactures each window they install, unlike some competitors. We believe in the capability for our quality products to prevail against all the problems that time and the Canadian weather may pose. Not only do we design all our own doors and windows in Ontario, but our products also come with a lifetime warranty.

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Invest In Your Home Today - Clera Windows + Doors

With more than forty branches spread all across Ontario in Canada, Clera has been helping the residents of the Bolton region to meet all their window and door needs for the last number of years. We here at Clera manufacture vinyl windows and doors that match any interior without making it look like something out of place. By repeatedly up to the customer’s expectations, Clera has managed to clinch the award for the most well-performing manufacturer of doors and windows many times.

Why Choose Clera

Why take a chance with other window or door companies that purchase their products from another supplier, only to resell them to you for a higher cost?

Clera Windows + Doors is one of Canada’s largest, oldest, most dependable and reputable vinyl window manufacturers in Ontario. We fully manage and take care of your door and window replacement project from start to finish, ensuring every stage of your window or door project meets our lofty standards of craftsmanship.

Why are we Ontario’s most awarded window and door company?

The Clera Care Guarantee Logo

Over 45 Years of Experience

With over 45 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as one of Canada's leading window and door manufacturers and installers.

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Certified Technicians

You can trust our team of factory trained technicians to install your new windows perfectly—our A+ BBB rating is no accident!

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Serving Ontario With over 40 Branches

We have over 40 branches across Ontario, which means that we're always close by when you need us.

Non-prorated Lifetime Warranty Icon

Non-prorated Lifetime Warranty

Whenever anything goes wrong with your windows, we'll take care of it for you—no questions asked.

Energy Star Icon

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Our hung windows meet Canada's strict energy-efficiency standards. A window from Clera is not only high-quality and durable, but also energy-efficient.

Reasons to Love
our Products

Clera Windows + Doors is a reputable vinyl window manufacturer in Ontario with a history of dependable and high-quality products. Our superior materials and cutting-edge technology ensure durability, energy efficiency, and style. We offer customizable styles and colors, as well as superior security features and noise reduction technology to provide the best possible product attributes for your home.

Our team manages every stage of your replacement project, from start to finish. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, and use our extensive experience and knowledge to deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations. Trust Clera Windows + Doors for exceptional service and expertise for your home renovation needs.

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Energy Star Approved

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Modern, Contemporary Design with more glass, and less frame

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Better home security

Noise Reduction Icon

A quieter home; improved noise reduction from the outdoors

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No Maintenance Icon

No maintenance: vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free

Pilkington Low-e Glass Technology Icon

Pilkington Low-E Glass Technology, engineered specifically for Canadian climates

Structural Integrity Icon

Wet-glazed frames and sashes on all windows; the ultimate in protection against water and wind infiltration, with added structural integrity

Improved Ventilation Icon

Triple-fin weatherstripping with built-in anti-microbial properties, meaning no mould and better air quality

Pure Virgin UPVC Icon

100% pure virgin UPVC, providing protection from fading

Exceptional Durability Icon

Stronger hardware and structural integrity thanks to integrating galvanized steel (allows for larger, more spectacular views!)

Bolton’s Leading Replacement Windows & Doors

With a record installation of quarter million doors and windows all over Ontario, Clera offer our service to the residents of Bolton too. As well as performing new installations, Clera has an excellent reputation for replacing old windows with new ones. This means that the residents of the area can get five-star service, anywhere, anytime. Get rid of your old doors and windows that are eroding because of the weather, and take advantage of Clera’s replacement windows in Bolton.

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Bolton is a part of Caledon in Peel region, about 50 kilometers northwest of Toronto. It has a population of about 25,954 as per the 2011 census. It also has more than 8,000 households. That’s a lot of windows and doors! The name “Bolton” was shortened from Bolton Mills in 1822. The area gets its name from its founder James Bolton who helped construct a flour mill for relative George Bolton.

Because of its closeness to Toronto, Bolton often gets visitors from the city who are looking to get away from it for awhile. There are a number of parks and recreational areas like Albion Hills that are popular with locals and visitors. A little bit of trivia: “suburban” Bolton was the setting of the 1996 film Twister and also Four Brothers, filmed in 2005.

Offering the industry’s most guaranteed quality, Clera offers replacement windows in the Bolton area to every client’s individual desires. The vinyl windows and doors by Clera are the most popular ones we offer, as vinyl has a rare ability to fit right into any window and door frame designs. From ready-made to custom-made designs provided by Clera, the client could happily choose the models that they desire, without having to settle for anything less than their dream product.

With the growing demand for building projects that work in order to sustain our environment, Clera has been making our own contribution towards the cause as well. We’ve chosen the Green Building Project as a means of creating living spaces which are both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Keeping in mind the growing demand of Clera Windows & Doors in all parts of Canada, Clera now proudly sells Envirosealed Windows, so if you have been hung up on how to replace your windows and are also conscious about the environment, you now know where to go.

Envirosealed windows in Bolton perform significantly better than their standard counterparts, which can consume up to 25% more energy over a long-term lifespan. It’s important to take care of the planet we call home, and where better to do it than in the awe-inspiring natural treasure offered up by Canada?

Vinyl Windows & Doors - Clera Windows + Doors
Bay & Bow Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Vinyl Windows & Doors

Are you wondering why you should get rid of traditional wooden doors and windows and replace them with vinyl ones? If you are, we have some excellent points to make. For one thing, vinyl windows come at a drastically-decreased cost to the customer. They will last longer than any other windows or doors you have ever had, and can can keep heat inside on harsh winter days while managing to remain coolness during summer, saving energy bills as well as the environment. Vinyl Windows and doors by Clera are maintenance-free—in fact, many people are choosing vinyl products for this reason alone. Owing to its structure, it does not bruise, and you can also clean it easily.

If you want to remodel your house, you could opt to choose from a plethora of replacement windows in Bolton by trusting your project with Clera. Our vinyl windows and doors are inexpensive, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Clera also offers a variety of windows from which you could choose—varying with regards to, shape, size, color, and styles, you can even specify the kind of finish you desire. Vinyl offers a thoroughly enjoyable boost to your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal, without the added costs and maintenance headaches typical of wooden versions.

Extensive Range Of Vinyl Windows - Clera Windows + Doors
Serving Aylmer For Over 40 Years - Clera Windows + Doors

Serving Bolton For Over 40 Years

With the experience of serving clientele and customers for more than 40 years in the Bolton Area, Clera are still continuously working to provide every resident with the very best windows and doors. With a lifetime warranty on the products like vinyl window hardware, components, and glass, Clera makes customer satisfaction our main priority, since with this offer, you don’t need to pay for a new replacement windows in the Bolton ever again, as the warranty itself is transferable. Clera’s ENERGYSTAR certified products help you choose a lifestyle with significant energy savings as well as a lesser ecological footprint.

So why should I call Clera Windows + Doors for my home reno?Because of our stellar reputation. We’ve been going for almost 40 years;Because we involve you in the process;Because of the lifetime warranty on our products;Because we have expert installers.Almost 40 years of experienceBolton homeowners can be assured when they make that call to us, they’ll be getting not only our tried and true products we’ve been manufacturing for almost 40 years; but also our iron-clad warranty that says you can transfer it on any vinyl window glass, any components or hardware. It’s a no-brainer. You’ll never have to reach into your pocket again to lay out money for any new parts for Clera windows. Once they’re installed we’ll give you our written guarantee that our products will last as long as your home does.

Professional Installers - Clera Windows + Doors
Meet The Team - Clera Windows + Doors

Meet The Team At Clera Windows & Doors Bolton

Just like any other team of Clera, the group here at Bolton is a close-knit team of windows and door professionals. We understand the requirements of our customers and prioritize all of them, promising personalized care to everybody who works with us. We are a family run business focusing on all of the smallest details of customers’ requirements. Unlike many other companies and manufacturers, we are primarily interested on producing all of our products to meet customers’ needs, as opposed to meeting quotas. We’ll also provide quotes on an estimated price after we go through your project requirements, as part of our free consultation. Don’t hesitate to show up at any of our stores at Bolton and choose a product that you want: we’ll handle the rest.

Since 1978, our family-run business has been regarded with the highest esteem as one of the country’s premier producers and installers of replacement doors and vinyl windows. We make our products to your express wishes in our Vaughan, Ontario factory. You’re definitely a part of the process since you choose the style and you choose the colour!

We have more than 40 offices in Ontario, with our head office and manufacturing plant located in Concord. We’ve made more than 200,000 homes come to life with new windows and doors. And we can do the same for your home.

So give us a call today to set up a time to talk about how we can make your property in Bolton get beautiful, updated windows and doors. At Clera Windows + Doors we stand by our products and take pride in the wonderful feedback we’ve received from our happy customers.

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