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Replacement Windows & Doors Gananoque

Our coverage of Eastern Ontario includes communities of all sizes. We are proud to offer our services to large cities as well as our clients in quainter areas like Gananoque. We are happy to serve any clients or potential clients in the County of Leeds and Grenville.

Whether you live in a large metropolitan area or a small rural community, we are pleased to offer you our high quality products and professional services. We welcome you to drop by or give us a call today!

Customized Windows and Doors Made by Clera

We offer a wide range and variety of window types. You can choose from a plethora of styles, colours, and sizes. Whatever features you desire we can deliver to meet all your window installation needs. We also boast many options for customized doors. We manufacture our products in our factory in Vaughan, so you can expect a fast processing period between the placement of your order and delivery.

Whether you want to upgrade your windows and doors to guarantee the cold winter wind won’t blow in from over the St. Lawrence or you want sturdier windows to cut down on the noise from Highway 401, we can deliver what you require and desire. Our customized windows and doors can be designed to meet your business’s or home’s needs at competitive and affordable rates. Because our factory is merely a short drive from our head office, we are able to keep shipping and organizational costs to a minimum, allowing us to pass on these great savings to you, our valued customer.

Lifetime Warranty for Long-Term Home Owners

Most homeowners purchase their homes with the intention of living there for a long time, not only a few years. As such, long-term homeowners want to maintain the value of their house and protect their investment.

Having high quality windows installed will save you a significant amount of money in heating costs in the winter over the lifetime of the window, which we guarantee for all our customers. And winter in Eastern Ontario seems to be getting longer and colder year after year, which is all the more reason to invest in good and efficient windows in your home.

Whether you’re only in the region during the warm months while staying in your summer home, or you’re a year-rounder, born and raised local and can trace your family back to the days of the American invasion of 1812, we here at Clera can help you find the best doors and windows to suit your needs. As they say in this region, “There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Gananoque”.

When it comes to Clera, make the Gananoque the right way and get the best doors and windows available. We are happy to service all our clients in Gananoque and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.

Find out more about how our windows will make your home warmer, safer, and more beautiful by giving us a call at Clera today!

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