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The Best Windows & Doors in Kitchener

Clera is a trusted dealer in Ontario and able to quickly manufacture your custom doors and windows. Voted as the favorite company in our industry on HomeStars, our commitment to our clients is well-recognized. With a significant inventory of finished windows and doors and the ability to fabricate a wide range of custom styles and colors, Clera Windows and Doors Kitchener is your best bet for superior products, expert installation, and hassle-free warranties.

Clera Windows & Doors have been in business for the past 41 years. Back in 1978, we embarked on a journey to provide superior quality furniture and replacement windows service to our customers. We are trained when it comes to making customized windows and doors for your beautiful homes. For the past four decades, we are the proud owner of the title ‘Champions of Customized Furniture,’ and hope to maintain this in the coming decades as we continue to provide the best options for replacement windows, in Ontario in general as well as in Kitchener in particular.

As we like to supply superior quality furniture to our customers, we do not purchase any of the products from third parties and sell those under our name. At Clera, we offer nothing but the best, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty with no hidden loopholes, guaranteeing your peace of mind. Our vinyl windows are also covered in this warranty, as are glass panels, and components as well. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, all it takes is to give us a call and the issue will be resolved at no extra cost to you.

Kitchener’s Leading Replacement Windows and Doors

Over at Clera Windows & Doors, we offer a wide range of windows and doors designs to choose from. You can select from the double or single hung tilt windows, end vent sliders, or casement windows, and there’s a lot more where that came from. You can go to our website and go through the various designs available for doors and windows—we not only offer the latest and most reliable models of doors and windows, but we even offer them in multiple colors that don’t fade with time.

We also offer a designer application on our website, which makes it possible to create the product that best fits your own personal taste in a matter of just a few clicks.

Are you living in a home your grandparents made, and still have the doors and windows installed way back then? Do your friends and relatives tell you—now and then, at least—to change them, or are the doors or windows damaged? No matter what they reason is, we’re proud to offer the latest designs and the best replacement windows for the residents of the Kitchener area.

Vinyl Windows and Doors

Clera Windows & Doors supplies the most distinctive furnishing products, made from the finest quality vinyl. We are the proud premier manufacturers and installers of vinyl doors and windows in Kitchener, offering a modern and diverse set of products that matches your taste. Each of our windows can be customized with many features and we sell pre-fabricated double- and single-hung slider and tilt windows as well as awnings and casements featuring Low-E Glass. Our stunning collection of designer styles come with a lifetime warranty and professional installation guaranteed to make your new windows last a lifetime.

The reason we choose vinyl for our products is, for one, it’s durable, and has the ability to withstand any type of weather condition and retains its shape as well. It’s sturdy, lightweight and comes with a longer lifespan than other materials. Lastly, it’s also economical, as it requires minimal maintenance. These factors save costs at every phase, from manufacturing through to installation.

Another reason why we over here at Clera love to use vinyl is the high R-value. This helps in bouncing The heat waves back, ensuring the room temperature does not increase. Being lightweight, you can conveniently carry them without much effort. Our vinyl product range is extensive, thus allowing our customers to choose as per their desire and requirement, at the same time not compromising quality for an affordable price.

For the residents of Kitchener, we have always been the first choice when it comes to replacement windows service in the Kitchener area. You get customized vinyl products that are made in line with your specifications, and our professional expert installers ensure the doors and windows are installed perfectly, without making any errors. Our installers are trained under a program designed by Clera Windows & Doors which meets the guidelines of the Canadian Standards Association. With more than 40 locations across Ontario that fit any type of neighborhood, homeowner, or home requirement, we’ll stand by you until you are satisfied with the product, and are always available whenever you need any assistance.

Serving Kitchener For Over 40 Years

For the past 41 years, Clera Windows and Doors have been providing the residents of Kitchener, Ontario with the best quality window and door replacement service. We strive to deliver nothing but the very best, and take pride in the commitments we make. Our technicians, craftsmen, and fitters are highly trained, ensuring that every product meets your specifications from the moment it toddles out of the factory until it fits snugly into your home.

To date, we have catered to more than 250,000 families, which is why our products are not only respected but also trusted, thanks to the consistent quality and compatibility we offer.

As winters are quite harsh in Canada, we make sure our products can withstand the severe temperature. The reason we ensure our products are ENERGYSTAR certified is so they meet the environmental standards, allowing us to contribute towards saving on large-scale energy levels.

Meet the Team at Clera Windows & Doors in Kitchener

Clera Windows and Doors is a family business that spans over four decades, where our focus has always been providing quality at affordable prices. Though manufacturing furniture is considered our trade, it’s also our passion. Every product designed at our manufacturing plants is designed to meet your demands, be it replacement windows service in the Kitchener area. We work 24/7 so that our clients will always get the best quality products, ensuring our windows and doors in Kitchener are not only affordable, but enhance the look of your home as well.

Give us the chance to show you why we are the best window and door manufacturer in Ontario and you will not be disappointed. We offer a vast selection of ready-to-go and customized products in styles ranging from steel security doors to glass sliding doors and everything in between. For the best door to match your décor and add value to your home or business, contact Clera today.

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We recently had our sliding patio doors replaced with garden doors with interior blinds. We have received so many compliments on our doors. Mike and his crew (Mike and Anthony) are very friendly and professional. It was a pleasure having them in our home. The installation was seamless and clean. They already have someone who will be ordering from them, after seeing these doors at our place. I'm sure there will be more to come. Thanks guys!

Reviewer: Maria Novielli

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5 out of 5 stars

I have nothing but good things to say about the services I have received from Clera. About 4 years ago I purchased a new front door from Clera. The salesperson was knowledgeable and understood what I was looking for. When it came time for installation, the installers were professional and friendly. They discovered a small dent in the door at the bottom and told me that they had ordered a new door . This was done before my final inspection. Based on this experience, I had new windows replaced in a rental home in Kingston. This salesperson was also very knowledgeable and took the time to help us. He even inspected other windows and told us which ones did not need to be replaced. More recently, I have purchased two new windows for my own home in Ottawa and have been equally pleased with the service, quality of workmanship and the windows themselves. I always recommend Clera to anyone that I know who are looking for windows or doors.

Reviewer: Tammy Yazbeck

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5 out of 5 stars

Excellent! We have loved our dealings with Clera. Rod was amazing in listening and understanding the look we were trying to achieve and then suggesting products with the appropriate features. The windows were delivered within the expected delivery time frame. The installation was done quickly and the crew was very professional and accommodating. The windows we had install have made the house much brighter. The doors we had install feel very solid, despite both presently unique challenges. Clera's quote wasn't the cheapest quote we had but their price was certainly competitive and the results have been well worth the money.

Reviewer: Eric Tang

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5 out of 5 stars

Read what clients have to say about Clera Windows