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The Best Windows & Doors in Midland

Midland is a small, prosperous town situated on the Georgian Bay in Simcoe County. It is located at the tip of the 30, 000 Georgian Bay’s islands, which makes it one of the best tourist attractions in Ontario, Canada. Every year, tourists visit this place in flocks of hundreds and thousands. As a result, the hotel, resorts, guest houses, and national parks are performing better than ever and generating significant levels of revenue.

Flooded with parks, museums, and sports centres, Midland is one of the best places to visit in Ontario, especially in the summer. There are plenty of activities to partake in, of which sports, partying, and family get-togethers are only a few of the most obvious examples. Clera Windows & Doors is proud to have a strong presence in this county. We have been catering to the residents’ need for doors and windows in Midland for decades. We are the leading manufacturer, fabricator, installer, and service provider in the province. We are known for our aftersales services, which ensure that your product stays young: not just for months or years, but for generations.

We are the premium choice for in-house manufacturing of windows and replacement doors in Midland. Our products pass through strict quality checks and stringent monitoring to rule out any possibility of errors. We produce flawless items that come with a no-nonsense lifetime warranty on all our vinyl windows, hardware, and components, and have raised the bar in the marker by providing sophisticated solutions for windows and replacement doors in Midland. This has helped countless people to avail the best solutions for their windows and doors needs.

Midland’s Leading Replacement Windows & Doors

Furniture is an essential home decor item, without which your house will remain lifeless. Hence, it is important to choose the furniture wisely, and install only those products that add value to your home and do justice to your hard-earned money. At Clera Windows & Doors, we value our customers and give them priority at every stage. That’s why we make specialty products that come with the options of modification and customization according to the taste and requirement of our clients. This makes their shopping experience more enjoyable, and ensures that they only ever buy exactly what they were looking for.

For top quality windows and doors in Midland, Clera Windows and Doors is your first choice. We are Canada’s oldest and most trusted manufacturer of replacement vinyl windows and doors, and are certified by CSA Group, Energy Star, IGMAC (Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association) and SAWDAC (Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada). We are a family-run business that will create your dream windows and doors while eliminating the middleman. This ensures that we can offer you all of the perks of a small business, like outstanding customer service, with all of the construction quality of a major firm. Clera has even been fortunate enough to receive the HomeStars Best of 2012 and Top Choice Award for best customer service in the industry.

For over 40 years, we have ruled the industry of customized doors and windows in Midland. Our custom-centric approach in everything that we do helps us to retain this stature. We are Canada’s most highly decorated furniture company, with certifications and awards from prestigious agencies such as City of Vaughan, Ontario Window Reviews, and Health Smart Windows. All of these accreditations are the testimonies for our dominance in the furniture market, and we expect to add many more to the list in the coming years.

Vinyl Windows & Doors

One of the reasons our products are loved and respected across Ontario is the type of materials that we use in our products. For most items, vinyl is our preferred choice. It is a lightweight yet durable material that gives a flawless finish to the furniture, and has a high tolerance which helps to safeguard your home against the rough seasons of Canada. Due to its mass production, vinyl is super easy to source, and comes at a very competitive price. This helps us to keep our products within a reasonable price range so that anybody can purchase them without having second thoughts on the budget. Our lifetime warranty on our vinyl windows further ensures that you get the best value out of every purchase.

At Clera, we believe in diversity. We cater to the needs of more than 200,000 families by providing them with a wide range of options for securing their ideal replacement windows and replacement doors in Midland. We aim to beautify Ontario with our products, and as such we always try to win the interest of our clients with our exciting range of innovative products. Our furnishings are very easy to maintain and will never burn a hole in the pockets of our client in the name of maintenance cost. A soft cloth and a bucket of lukewarm water are all that you need to keep your furniture shining for years: you can take our word for it.

Our windows are certified by the Canadian Standards Association. This means that they have been laboratory tested to prove that they are among the very best products available. The glass is Envirosealed, which provides the best level of energy-efficiency, while our vinyl windows themselves. are comprised of pure uPVC, the ideal choice because it does not rust, nor does it corrode. We also offer a range of windows, including double or single hung tilt, double or single slider tilt, end vent slider windows, and awning windows. Our windows, like our other products, are also practically maintenance-free.

We offer a selection of high-quality doors in a variety of styles to match your particular aesthetic. From our Classic Collection and its range of high-class but contemporary doors, to the Design Collection, which blends simplicity and modernity (bringing a warm feel to your home), there really is something for everybody. For example, you might want to add some prestige to your home with the Prestigious Collection., the deep-set lines of. Which allow you to make a statement with your front door. We also have a range of fibreglass doors that can withstand the cold Midland winters. Regardless of the collection, all doors are made with the highest quality materials.

Serving Midland for Over 40 Years

Clera Windows & Doors has been successfully attending to the needs of replacement doors and windows in Midland since 1978. During our time in the market, we have developed expertise in identifying problems, chalking out possible solutions, and then working on the best option available to fulfil the clients’ requirements. We understand that such an intricate job requires experts who can devote 100% of their time and energy in the completion of such jobs. To make this possible, we have our own fleet of engineers, technicians, and artisans that are present in 40+ locations in different counties of Ontario.

We are one of the few environmentally cautious and responsible companies that take great care of its natural surroundings. Our products are designed in a way to cause minimum damage to the planet, thus leaving only the smallest of ecological footprints behind. Our windows and doors are equipped with our Smart-Saver technology that ensures that they make minimum usage of energy and help prevent heat loss.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products, as well as a free estimate. We provide our customers with the best financing options for our windows and doors, including 35% off on all window and door installations, or 35 months to pay without any interest added. You will never have to pay for any replacement parts when you choose Clera. We offer expert installation via our certified professionals.

With cold winters, snowstorms and freezing rain common in Midland every year, you will want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Clera makes this possible with our Efficient Health Smart Windows, which not only make your home more comfortable, but also save you money and produce less CO2.

Meet the Team at Clera Windows & Doors, Midland

At Clera, we’re always aiming to make your renovations a complete success by offering windows and doors in Midland that can last for decades. With our customization options, you’ll have peace of mind of knowing that you are getting exactly what you had ordered, and not something that you don’t care about. Our expert team is trained to handle even the most complex projects efficiently and professionally. Our trained technicians ensure that the doors and windows that you select and buy are installed in the best manner, without damaging your walls or other parts of your home. We’re proud of our reputation, and endeavor to add to it with every project we undertake. That’s why we don’t allow any outside agencies or third parties to handle any activity related to our work—be it designing, manufacturing, delivery, or installation.

Whether you are looking for more energy-efficient windows, or are just hoping to add a little extra curb appeal to your home, you’ll always get the best results when you choose a leader in the industry, like the team at Clera Windows and Doors, who can customize your windows and doors to meet your exact wishes. Contact us today to learn more about our products and service, and to receive your free estimate.

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We recently had our sliding patio doors replaced with garden doors with interior blinds. We have received so many compliments on our doors. Mike and his crew (Mike and Anthony) are very friendly and professional. It was a pleasure having them in our home. The installation was seamless and clean. They already have someone who will be ordering from them, after seeing these doors at our place. I'm sure there will be more to come. Thanks guys!

Reviewer: Maria Novielli

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5 out of 5 stars

I have nothing but good things to say about the services I have received from Clera. About 4 years ago I purchased a new front door from Clera. The salesperson was knowledgeable and understood what I was looking for. When it came time for installation, the installers were professional and friendly. They discovered a small dent in the door at the bottom and told me that they had ordered a new door . This was done before my final inspection. Based on this experience, I had new windows replaced in a rental home in Kingston. This salesperson was also very knowledgeable and took the time to help us. He even inspected other windows and told us which ones did not need to be replaced. More recently, I have purchased two new windows for my own home in Ottawa and have been equally pleased with the service, quality of workmanship and the windows themselves. I always recommend Clera to anyone that I know who are looking for windows or doors.

Reviewer: Tammy Yazbeck

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5 out of 5 stars

Excellent! We have loved our dealings with Clera. Rod was amazing in listening and understanding the look we were trying to achieve and then suggesting products with the appropriate features. The windows were delivered within the expected delivery time frame. The installation was done quickly and the crew was very professional and accommodating. The windows we had install have made the house much brighter. The doors we had install feel very solid, despite both presently unique challenges. Clera's quote wasn't the cheapest quote we had but their price was certainly competitive and the results have been well worth the money.

Reviewer: Eric Tang

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5 out of 5 stars

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