The Best Doors & Windows in Mineola

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The Best Doors & Windows in Mineola

GTA Service Representatives - Clera Windows & Doors

Our GTA Team

Our local Mineola team has been serving surrounding areas for over 45 years!


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Our Local Clera Branch Serves Mineola

As the manufacturers and installers of all our windows and doors, we stand behind our work.

GTA Service Representatives - Clera Windows & Doors

Our GTA Team

Our local Mineola team has been serving surrounding areas for over 45 years!


Contact us for more information and about a free quote!

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Our Local Clera Branch Serves Mineola

As the manufacturers and installers of all our windows and doors, we stand behind our work.

Clera Windows + Doors


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Clera Windows + Doors

Toll Free: 1-905-738-1870
Phone: 1-905-738-1870
Fax: 905-738-0586


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Best Windows And Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

Get over

$325 per Window

in FREE factory upgrades

With our wide range of ENERGY STAR products, you can be sure to save big on your next dream project!

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The Best Doors & Windows in Mineola

Clera Windows & Doors was first established 41 years ago in 1978. As a customer-oriented enterprise, we focused on creating superior quality furniture, specializing in crafting custom windows and doors in Minneola. We have been one of the leading producers of custom furniture for over four decades and have supplied the best options for doors and windows in Mineola.

Clera Doors and Windows is proud to provide the community of Mineola with quality products and exceptional customer service from the time you sign your contract to the final installation.

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We offer a wide range of ENERGY STAR rated door and window products that have superior energy performance compared to the options available in the past. Differences in energy efficiency arise due to the use of various frame materials, glass panes and coatings, area covered, and the type of operation, among others.

Unlike our competition, we are not a reselling company: we have our plant where everything is constructed with the utmost care and attention. This allows us to minimize the cost of production, ensuring that our clients can enjoy cheap products that are aesthetically pleasing.

You don’t have to worry about a purchase at Clera because we’ve made sure that your investment is covered by our lifetime warranty program. This program includes all the vinyl windows and all of its components. So just get in touch with us if you’re not satisfied with any aspect of our services—we’re going to try our best to solve the issues for free.

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Why Choose Clera

Why take a chance with other window or door companies that purchase their products from another supplier, only to resell them to you for a higher cost?

Clera Windows + Doors is one of Canada’s largest, oldest, most dependable and reputable vinyl window manufacturers in Ontario. We fully manage and take care of your door and window replacement project from start to finish, ensuring every stage of your window or door project meets our lofty standards of craftsmanship.

Why are we Ontario’s most awarded window and door company?

The Clera Care Guarantee Logo

Over 45 Years of Experience

With over 45 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as one of Canada's leading window and door manufacturers and installers.

Certified Technicians Icon

Certified Technicians

You can trust our team of factory trained technicians to install your new windows perfectly—our A+ BBB rating is no accident!

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Serving Ontario With over 40 Branches

We have over 40 branches across Ontario, which means that we're always close by when you need us.

Non-prorated Lifetime Warranty Icon

Non-prorated Lifetime Warranty

Whenever anything goes wrong with your windows, we'll take care of it for you—no questions asked.

Energy Star Icon

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Our hung windows meet Canada's strict energy-efficiency standards. A window from Clera is not only high-quality and durable, but also energy-efficient.

Reasons to Love
our Products

Clera Windows + Doors is a reputable vinyl window manufacturer in Ontario with a history of dependable and high-quality products. Our superior materials and cutting-edge technology ensure durability, energy efficiency, and style. We offer customizable styles and colors, as well as superior security features and noise reduction technology to provide the best possible product attributes for your home.

Our team manages every stage of your replacement project, from start to finish. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, and use our extensive experience and knowledge to deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations. Trust Clera Windows + Doors for exceptional service and expertise for your home renovation needs.

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Energy Star Icon

Energy Star Approved

Effortless Operation Icon

Modern, Contemporary Design with more glass, and less frame

Better Home Security Icon

Better home security

Noise Reduction Icon

A quieter home; improved noise reduction from the outdoors

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No Maintenance Icon

No maintenance: vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free

Pilkington Low-e Glass Technology Icon

Pilkington Low-E Glass Technology, engineered specifically for Canadian climates

Structural Integrity Icon

Wet-glazed frames and sashes on all windows; the ultimate in protection against water and wind infiltration, with added structural integrity

Improved Ventilation Icon

Triple-fin weatherstripping with built-in anti-microbial properties, meaning no mould and better air quality

Pure Virgin UPVC Icon

100% pure virgin UPVC, providing protection from fading

Exceptional Durability Icon

Stronger hardware and structural integrity thanks to integrating galvanized steel (allows for larger, more spectacular views!)

Mineola’s Leading Replacement Windows and Doors Group

At Clera Windows and Doors, we believe that each of our clients has their own unique choice to make. To guarantee that we meet the expectations of our customers, we work tirelessly to create tailor-made designs that can meet the expectations of our buyers. This wide range enables us to be as adaptable as possible to meet the needs of our customers, even though these demands may vary from one purchaser to the next.

Clare windows will definitely improve the look of your home. They’re anything but difficult to clean and were manufactured with industry-leading energy efficiency. Likewise, we are known all over Mineola for offering security, protection, and comfort. We have a wide variety of glass, custom glass, and grill choices to suit your taste, and we’re offering you distinct color choices to choose the best tone for your home in Mineola. Our top of the line color retention technology ensures that no matter what color you choose, it won’t fade away. Our selection of windows comes in low-profile, high-profile, bay and bow, not to mention unique shapes tailored to your house.

With the graphic designer of our website, you can change the replacement doors to suit your preferences. Just pick a grille. Next, choose the glass, and finally, choose the color. Whatever you pick, our virtual graphic designer will direct you to find something that suits you.

Our replacement door will also improve the look of your home in Mineola. Regardless of whether it’s made of steel or fiberglass, we have a large catalog for you to choose from.

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Window & Door Assemblers - Clera Windows + Doors
Best Vinyl‍ End Vent Slider Windows  - Clera Windows + Doors

Vinyl Windows & Doors

At Clera Windows and Doors, we built our products with only the best types of vinyl; this adds to the distinctiveness of our products, making us one of Canada’s major producers and installers of replacement vinyl windows and doors. We have a wide range of inventory for you to browse, both classic and modern.

Our highly trained and certified staff will help you get the right door and window replacements for your home or office. There are many things you need to consider, in addition to your personal preferences, such as existing building code requirements. Different technologies may also affect your choices. Double or triple pane windows, for instance, have heavier glass and wider frames, and are typically supplied in smaller sizes, unlike single-pane windows that come in very large sizes.

Still, there are numerous styles and technologies to help you create a custom door and window with the exact features you are looking for.

We prefer vinyl for a variety of reasons. It is able to retain its shape through a rough climate without degrading its capacity to retain its shape. It’s very inexpensive, too, making vinyl a sensible choice. You don’t have to invest a ton of cash to maintain your doors and windows to look beautiful and clean in Mineola.

High R-Value is also one of the reasons why we like vinyl. It is capable of regulating the temperature of the room because it is very efficient in keeping back heat waves. It’s also a lightweight element that makes it easy to install.

As the main choice for the residents of Mineola and adjacent areas, we built our vinyl doors and doors to meet your particular demands. We trained our workers in our special course, under the surveillance of the Canadian Standards Association. We are committed to ensuring that you have the biggest and most complete control over our products.

Vinyl Windows & Doors - Clera Windows + Doors
Bay & Bow Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Serving Mineola for Over 40 Years

For over 40 years, Clera Windows and Doors have given superior replacement doors and windows for inhabitants of Mineola and surrounding areas. Over the years, we have been a reputable company with the goal of offering outstanding service. Our broad range of windows and doors enhances the beauty of your house and offers a variety of characteristics to satisfy the ever-increasing needs of our customers.

We are proud of our excellent team and our family-oriented work atmosphere, and we always prioritize the value of virtue and supremacy in our manufacturing, installation and customer service. Clera Windows and Doors has always been a family-oriented business since it was founded four decades ago.

We’re highly dedicated to our services. Clera is dedicated to providing high-quality replacement doors and windows in Ontario. But what makes us different from our competitors is the reasonable cost that we give to our clients. With our highly qualified team, we were able to ensure the seamless-ness of our products, from the point when it came out of the factory to the point when it ended up in the home of our customer.

We provide unparalleled service to our customers, with more than 40 branches across Ontario. Not only are we involved in the production of alternate doors and windows, but we are also fully involved in meeting the needs of every client who does business with us. We’ve now served more than 250,000 families. We have built our brand to be one of the most known and trusted windows and replacement doors companies in Ontario.

Clera Windows And Doors offers many useful features for improved security and soundproofing. Our patio doors, for instance, use laminated glass that is much harder than regular glass and more resistant to impact, plus it is very effective in blocking outdoor noise. When combined with the right hardware, these doors are very secure and capable of resisting forced entry.

Each of our replacement doors and windows are energy efficient and custom made for great fit and superior performance. With our wide selection of styles, colours, grilles, and hardware, we offer countless combinations and the expertise to help you narrow down the options till you get a look that is right for your home or office.

The harshness of Canadian winters can sometimes be quite serious, which is why we create our product so that it can be tailored to any type of extreme weather conditions. Before our products leave the shop, they must undergo a rigorous technical review to ensure that they are willing to withstand severe weather conditions. Our products are also marked with Energy Star Certification, which indicates that they are environmentally friendly and contribute to energy conservation on a large scale.

Extensive Range Of Vinyl Windows - Clera Windows + Doors
Serving Aylmer For Over 40 Years - Clera Windows + Doors

Meet the Team at Clera Windows & Doors in Mineola

Clera Windows and Doors is a family-owned business that focuses on customer performance and affordability. We have focused more on offering you with the biggest possible experience. Our products are designed to meet the particular requirements of our clients. We’re trying to please our customers with our services. That’s why we’re attempting to build our replacement doors and windows to be both environmentally friendly and pleasant to look at.

Our custom windows are manufactured with consideration of the newest technologies that can be useful to our clients in different environments. For instance, our self-cleaning windows use Pilkington Active, which is manufactured using the same advanced pyrolytic technology as glass panels for photovoltaic solar cells and electronic applications, and applied to one surface of clear float glass to make your windows stay cleaner longer – often for their lifetime.

Clera custom windows also use argon, low-e glass, and warm edge spacers to improve the energy efficiency of our windows, reduce condensation, prevent harmful UV radiation passing through, prolong the life of your new window replacements, and improve environmental friendliness.

Our double and triple glazed windows are filled with argon gas between the panes to improve insulation by reducing the transfer of heat and cold through the window. Using low-e glass gives nearly the same insulation effect as having an extra pane of glass.

Combining low-e glass with argon gas gives you twice the energy efficiency of clear glass. While some of the gas will leak over time, Argon is an inert, non-toxic gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It is completely safe, plus the leakage is very minimal – you can expect a 10 percent loss over the course of two decades.

With our group of specialists, we guarantee that the product you’re purchasing is what you’re searching for. If you’re going to replace your windows and doors, we can provide you with free inquiries about your next projects. Drop by our nearest place in Mineola and we’re going to help you out!

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