Replacement Windows & Doors in North York

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Replacement Windows & Doors in North York

GTA, Service Representatives - Clera Windows & Doors

Our GTA Team

Our local North York team has been serving North York and the GTA for over 45 years!


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Our Local Clera Branch Serves  North York

As the manufacturers and installers of all our windows and doors, we stand behind our work.

GTA, Service Representatives - Clera Windows & Doors

Our GTA Team

Our local North York team has been serving North York and the GTA for over 45 years!


Contact us for more information and about a free quote!

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Our Local Clera Branch Serves  North York

As the manufacturers and installers of all our windows and doors, we stand behind our work.

Clera Windows + Doors

North York

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Clera Windows + Doors

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Phone: 1-905-738-1870
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With our wide range of ENERGY STAR products, you can be sure to save big on your next dream project!

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The Best Windows & Doors in North York

North York is a suburban district located up north of Old Toronto. First started as a local town, it soon grew to become a metropolitan city. It is cited as one of the fastest growing regions of Toronto, with businesses and industries blooming at a rapid rate. It is also one of the favourite places to live for the people of Ontario: as per the latest census, the population grew like clockwork to nearly 700, 000 residents in less than a decade.

Known for its beautiful landscapes, famous tourist attractions, and high standards of living, North York is a dream land for many Canadians who want to live the best kind of life. The economy is stable and jobs are plenty, and healthcare services are top-notch, which has dramatically improved the life expectancy. Plus, admissions to higher secondary schools and colleges is done on pure merit basis, which gives a fair chance to all to have the best education for themselves.

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Despite the numerous advantages of the area, cost of living is pretty fair in North York. Homes and accommodation are easily available at reasonable prices. Clera Windows & Doors is proud to state that we have a store here in North York, and have been catering to the needs of replacement doors and replacement windows of North York’s residents. We produce top-class products by using fine materials and cutting-edge technology, and follow strict industry guidelines to maintain uniformity throughout our product range.

Do you live in North York and want quality exterior doors and windows for your home? If so, Clera Windows & Doors has what you need. We manufacture a broad selection of windows and doors and will custom design and style nearly any model to meet your needs. Clera is an outstanding manufacturer/installer in Ontario. Our dedication to our clients is supported by the fact that we have been chosen as the best company in our product category on HomeStars.

If you’re looking to get high-efficiency windows to reduce your heating, cooling and maintenance bills—or just want great new windows and doors for your home,—our staff members will be able to meet your needs. Save money and enjoy a new set of windows by taking advantage of our industry-leading services. If you live in North York, you already know how it can get very cold in the winter months. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favour by installing some new energy-efficient windows.

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Meet The Team At Clera Windows + Doors North York

Video Transcript:

Hi. My name is Rayan and I look after the GTA region. I’ve been with Clera Windows + Doors for a few years. It’s a family run business that’s been serving Canadians for over 40 years.

The best part of what I do is getting to see the reaction of homeowners when they see their home finished with brand new windows and doors. I really enjoy being part of the team here at Clera because we offer our customers a thorough and free home estimate, great deals on their windows and doors, and we provide a true lifetime warranty. We support our customers in a way that makes my job easy.

Thank you for considering Clera Windows for your home. I hope you’ll consider us on your next project.

Why Choose Clera

Why take a chance with other window or door companies that purchase their products from another supplier, only to resell them to you for a higher cost?

Clera Windows + Doors is one of Canada’s largest, oldest, most dependable and reputable vinyl window manufacturers in Ontario. We fully manage and take care of your door and window replacement project from start to finish, ensuring every stage of your window or door project meets our lofty standards of craftsmanship.

Why are we Ontario’s most awarded window and door company?

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Over 45 Years of Experience

With over 45 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as one of Canada's leading window and door manufacturers and installers.

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Certified Technicians

You can trust our team of factory trained technicians to install your new windows perfectly—our A+ BBB rating is no accident!

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Serving Ontario With over 40 Branches

We have over 40 branches across Ontario, which means that we're always close by when you need us.

Non-prorated Lifetime Warranty Icon

Non-prorated Lifetime Warranty

Whenever anything goes wrong with your windows, we'll take care of it for you—no questions asked.

Energy Star Icon

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Our hung windows meet Canada's strict energy-efficiency standards. A window from Clera is not only high-quality and durable, but also energy-efficient.

Reasons to Love
our Products

Clera Windows + Doors is a reputable vinyl window manufacturer in Ontario with a history of dependable and high-quality products. Our superior materials and cutting-edge technology ensure durability, energy efficiency, and style. We offer customizable styles and colors, as well as superior security features and noise reduction technology to provide the best possible product attributes for your home.

Our team manages every stage of your replacement project, from start to finish. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, and use our extensive experience and knowledge to deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations. Trust Clera Windows + Doors for exceptional service and expertise for your home renovation needs.

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Energy Star Approved

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Modern, Contemporary Design with more glass, and less frame

Better Home Security Icon

Better home security

Noise Reduction Icon

A quieter home; improved noise reduction from the outdoors

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No Maintenance Icon

No maintenance: vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free

Pilkington Low-e Glass Technology Icon

Pilkington Low-E Glass Technology, engineered specifically for Canadian climates

Structural Integrity Icon

Wet-glazed frames and sashes on all windows; the ultimate in protection against water and wind infiltration, with added structural integrity

Improved Ventilation Icon

Triple-fin weatherstripping with built-in anti-microbial properties, meaning no mould and better air quality

Pure Virgin UPVC Icon

100% pure virgin UPVC, providing protection from fading

Exceptional Durability Icon

Stronger hardware and structural integrity thanks to integrating galvanized steel (allows for larger, more spectacular views!)

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North York’s Leading Replacement Windows & Doors

Our mission at Clera is to meet the requirements of our clients. We understand that every person has different aspirations and likings, and as such their furniture should be moulded according to their preference. We offer a plethora of design options for both replacement windows and replacement doors in North York, and have groups of different design options that can cater to almost every furniture need.

For instance, we have the Classic Door Collection, perfect for if you’re a fan of vintage designs. This range is a cocktail of modern craft and vintage classics that give a perfect look to your home and office. If you like contemporary showbiz, then we suggest that you take a look at our Prestige Door Collection, which makes use of the very latest in modern-day designs. A classic blend of elegance and style, this collection is the perfect choice for you to rejuvenate your home aesthetic and give your curb appeal a considerable boost.

Vinyl Windows & Doors - Clera Windows + Doors
Bay & Bow Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

We offer three spectacular designs in the Prestige Collection – London, Orleans, and Sydney. Their picture-perfect looks are sure to take your breath away: just ask any one of our satisfied clients. If you’re unsure about which collection is the best for your home, allow us to suggest that you contact our style experts to find out which designs will be perfect for your home according to your taste.

From simple storm doors, to high-security steel to French and sliding glass exterior doors, each and every one of Clera’s products are hand-checked before they ever leave our manufacturing facility. We do this because the last thing we want to get is a negative review or service call due to an error on our part. If you’re thinking about buying a door, just know that we also carry many types of hardware to complement it. Spend some money on an electronic deadbolt, for example; you’ll be glad you did.

When you are buying furniture for your home, there are tons of things to take into account. You’ll start dreaming about the future look of your home and start weaving dreams of living in a paradise. However, these dreams are fragile, and need to be protected from poor quality products that can shatter them in an instant.

At Clera Windows & Doors North York, we have a huge selection of vinyl windows to choose from. From double/single hangs to double/single slider tilts, from awnings to casements, we make them all. Each of our windows can be manufactured with a range of features. We make and sell Low-E Glass, and carry a gorgeous collection of designer series windows as well. The lifetime warranty that we offer with our products as well as our factory-trained, professional installation should make it difficult for you to find a better company to work with. Clera is no stranger to the window and door manufacturing industry, and as a result we know exactly what works for our customers.

Extensive Range Of Vinyl Windows - Clera Windows + Doors
Serving Aylmer For Over 40 Years - Clera Windows + Doors

Our mission is to provide durable and stylish windows and doors in North York, and to accomplish this feat we use high grade vinyl materials for all our products. We follow very strict procedures in our in-house facilities to ensure that our products match your expectations and stay operational for as long as possible.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our vinyl windows, so that you’ll never have to spend a nickel on repairs or replacements. We offer products that come with a safety seal and Energy Star ratings, which confirm the fact that they are safe for your home or workplace, as well as being able to help you accomplish major savings in energy bills. They provide excellent insulation and prevent heat loss, which can be a real boost to your quality of life, especially during the rough Canadian winters.

Serving North York for Over 40 Years

Since 1978, Clera has been pioneering the furniture industry by introducing innovative products at very competitive rates. Our unique ideas and technology makes it possible for us to provide the best products at the best prices. We are focused on gaining the satisfaction of our customers by providing them with what they want, instead of giving them what’s available in the market. By going that extra mile to create customized options for windows and doors in North York, we ensure the happiness of the clients when they see our products specified to their needs.

Professional Installers - Clera Windows + Doors
Meet The Team - Clera Windows + Doors

We are present in 40+ locations throughout the Ontario province, and have installation and sales centres located at every possible spot across the entire area. Since we care about our reputation and clients’ satisfaction, we perform all our tasks with our in-house team, and do not allow third party interventions. We have superb professionals and experienced personnel onboard our team, who take care of every step of the process, starting right from the design layout and extending all the way to the final installation of the replacement windows and replacement doors in North York.

Meet the Team at Clera Windows & Doors, North York

We, at Clera Window & Doors, take great pride in having one of the finest team of workers, artisans, engineers, and designers. We are not just seniors, subordinates, or co-workers to each other. We are a bunch of energetic people who are emotionally connected with our work, and have the highest respect for the qualities each of us bring to the table. We share the same passion—making the best doors and windows in North York—and give 100% on every project in order to consistently provide top-notch services to our clients. Since our every product is designed and fabricated in our in-house facilities, it passes through a series of checkpoints to ensure very high standards.

Clera Windows & Doors is recognised as the leading manufacturers and installers of quality door and window products in North York. Visit us today, or give us a call. We’d be more than happy to help you in your next renovation project.

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