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Replacement Windows & Doors Rockland

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At Clera, we understand that windows and doors are more than functional; they are decorative and valuable.

As silly as this may sound, windows and doors are the eyes and mouth of your home. You need your eyes to see and your mouth to breathe and eat. We’ve been providing these essential elements of the home for over 40 years across Ontario!

Although our head office is found in Concord, we are all too familiar with the Rockland community and guarantee many years of superior window and door service. Our company has enriched over 200,000 homes with our products, and we aim to improve over 200,000 more in the coming years.

Clera Windows and Doors in Rockland

Because Rockland creates the perfect balance between urban and rural, our window and door designs reflect the charming modernity that comes with that equilibrium.

The city is a vibrant, bilingual community that is only 40 kilometres east of Ottawa. It boasts ample green spaces, impeccable quality of life and scenery as far as the eye can see. In fact, the Ottawa River rests only a short drive north of the city. You’ll also find the lofty pines of the Larose Forest just due south.

In Rockland, businesses boom and sports rule! The city is fully equipped with NHL-sized ice rinks, soccer fields, all-access gymnasiums and an indoor swimming facility. But when you return home from these world-class facilities, what kind of quality are you coming home to?

Many people don’t realize that by upgrading their existing windows and doors they are adding a much-needed boost to their home. You may not be familiar with curb-appeal but when it comes to the value of your home, it’s extremely important. Curb-appeal is what people see when they drive by your house. It’s the attractiveness of your home’s exterior. It is a key factor in maintaining a home and if you wish to sell it in the future, and it can greatly effect what people are willing to pay. You want your home to take people’s breath away through top quality windows and doors so they stop on the street and admire your house.

Maintaining a visually attractive home can be done easily by contacting us Clera Windows and Doors.

Clera is known Ontario-wide for our superior products! We offer styles that range from traditional to customizable, and only use the highest quality materials to craft our exquisite windows and doors. Moreover, we work with only the best installers and most of our employees have been with us since our humble beginnings.

We’ve been a family for almost 40 years and we look forward to helping your family get the most out of your home!

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