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Replacement Windows & Doors Installation St. Mary’s

We are proud to state that the residents of St. Mary’s, Ontario have trusted Clera Windows and Doors to protect their homes for nearly four decades. Our dedication to superior quality manufacturing and installation, coupled with exceptional customer service make us a favourite for St. Mary’s residents looking to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and curb appeal of their homes with our replacement doors and windows.

Windows and entry doors are part of your home’s envelope, forming a barrier between your cozy living space and the outside environment. So, when your doors and windows are not in top condition with regard to energy efficiency, your home’s energy performance suffers, your pockets get drained, and the occupants persevere in discomfort.

Unlike energy-saving improvements for drafty doors and windows, the professional installation of replacement doors and windows improves your home’s energy performance, as well as its visual appeal and value.

Clera Windows and Doors’ technicians in St. Mary will help you identify the ideal replacement doors and windows for your home. Our design options are fully customizable to meet the exact needs of your home; plus, our skilled installers are conversant with industry standards, meaning that all the work is superbly done to leave you satisfied with your investment.

Windows In St. Mary’s

We offer a range of window styles in St. Mary’s, including single/double hung tilt, single/double slider tilt, awning, end vent slider, casement, and specialty shapes.

Our vinyl windows are engineered with Envirosealed glass so you are guaranteed optimum energy performance from summer to winter. That way you can dedicate your savings on heating and cooling costs to other matters.

Our windows are also easy to clean and provide superior privacy and security, keeping your home well insulated from outside noise. Moreover, we offer many grill options and customizable colour options, so you won’t have to worry about repainting, except when you want to change their colour.

Doors In St. Mary’s

Our contemporary vinyl, fibreglass, and steel doors ensure that you and your family leave and enter your house in style. Our doors are manufactured in-house, which is an important step for ensuring quality construction and bringing costs down for our St. Mary’s clients.

Additionally, all our customers are issued with a full, written factory lifetime warranty after the completion of their installation. Our warranty is transferable, so you can have peace of mind knowing that every occupant will keep enjoying the superior service offered by Clera Windows and Doors.

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Clera Windows and Doors has built a solid reputation, not only in St. Mary’s, but also across Canada. In fact, we are among the top manufacturers and installers of replacement doors and windows in Canada.

Our decades of experience in the industry make it possible to consistently provide homeowners in St. Mary’s with the highest quality and greatest range of vinyl window and door styles to best meet their unique needs.

Whatever style of replacement doors and windows you need, Clera has exactly what you need, plus the installation will be backed by an unmatched, lifetime warranty.

Contact Clera Windows and Doors in St. Mary’s today to get a free estimate for your replacement doors and windows.

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