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Replacement Windows & Doors, Wallaceburg | Clera Windows & Doors

Our Wallaceburg Team

Our local representative has been serving Wallaceburg and surrounding areas for many years!


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Our Local Clera Branch Serves Wallaceburg

As the manufacturers and installers of all our windows and doors, we stand behind our work.

Our Wallaceburg Team

Our local representative has been serving Wallaceburg and surrounding areas for many years!


Contact us for more information and about a free quote!

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Our Local Clera Branch Serves Wallaceburg

As the manufacturers and installers of all our windows and doors, we stand behind our work.

Clera Windows + Doors

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Clera Windows + Doors

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The Best Windows & Doors in Wallaceburg

Wallaceburg is a small unincorporated community in Southern Ontario. It is known for its major contribution towards the lumber and construction industries, mainly focused on building boats. It’s strategically located on the banks of the Sydenham River which gives major commercial advantages. In the late 90’s, the community witnessed a boom in the glass industry which is why it is also known as the “Glass Town of Canada.”

The community of Wallaceburg is known for hosting a variety of cultural events and sports such as hockey, boat racing, and exhibitions of vintage and antique vehicles. The Wallaceburg District Museum is one of the major tourist attractions here, which account to more than 10, 000 visitors every quarter. Water sports such as scuba diving, parasailing, and surfing are much active in this place due to its vast array of rivers and lakes.

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All these features make Wallaceburg a perfect place for a family to reside and plan a future. And when it’s about beautifying your homes, we at Clera Windows & Doors are available in Wallaceburg to cater to all your furniture needs. We are operating in the province of Ontario since 1978, and have since completed more than 250, 000 projects successfully.

With a huge selection of products and the ability to create custom designs entirely made-to-order, there’s no better choice for windows and doors in the Wallaceburg area than Clera Windows! Recognized as the premier manufacturer and installer in Ontario by HomeStars, we only sell the very best windows and doors so you can be sure you are getting attractive, energy efficient solutions for your home or business. From low profile fixed windows to sleek and attractive sliding doors for easy patio access, Clera has everything you’re looking for to make your home beautiful. Contact us today to find out how you can save on your heating costs in winter and your AC costs in the summer.

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Why Choose Clera

Why take a chance with other window or door companies that purchase their products from another supplier, only to resell them to you for a higher cost?

Clera Windows + Doors is one of Canada’s largest, oldest, most dependable and reputable vinyl window manufacturers in Ontario. We fully manage and take care of your door and window replacement project from start to finish, ensuring every stage of your window or door project meets our lofty standards of craftsmanship.

Why are we Ontario’s most awarded window and door company?

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Over 45 Years of Experience

With over 45 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as one of Canada's leading window and door manufacturers and installers.

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Certified Technicians

You can trust our team of factory trained technicians to install your new windows perfectly—our A+ BBB rating is no accident!

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Serving Ontario With over 40 Branches

We have over 40 branches across Ontario, which means that we're always close by when you need us.

Non-prorated Lifetime Warranty Icon

Non-prorated Lifetime Warranty

Whenever anything goes wrong with your windows, we'll take care of it for you—no questions asked.

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ENERGY STAR® Certified

Our hung windows meet Canada's strict energy-efficiency standards. A window from Clera is not only high-quality and durable, but also energy-efficient.

Reasons to Love
our Products

Clera Windows + Doors is a reputable vinyl window manufacturer in Ontario with a history of dependable and high-quality products. Our superior materials and cutting-edge technology ensure durability, energy efficiency, and style. We offer customizable styles and colors, as well as superior security features and noise reduction technology to provide the best possible product attributes for your home.

Our team manages every stage of your replacement project, from start to finish. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, and use our extensive experience and knowledge to deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations. Trust Clera Windows + Doors for exceptional service and expertise for your home renovation needs.

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Energy Star Approved

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Modern, Contemporary Design with more glass, and less frame

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Better home security

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A quieter home; improved noise reduction from the outdoors

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No Maintenance Icon

No maintenance: vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free

Pilkington Low-e Glass Technology Icon

Pilkington Low-E Glass Technology, engineered specifically for Canadian climates

Structural Integrity Icon

Wet-glazed frames and sashes on all windows; the ultimate in protection against water and wind infiltration, with added structural integrity

Improved Ventilation Icon

Triple-fin weatherstripping with built-in anti-microbial properties, meaning no mould and better air quality

Pure Virgin UPVC Icon

100% pure virgin UPVC, providing protection from fading

Exceptional Durability Icon

Stronger hardware and structural integrity thanks to integrating galvanized steel (allows for larger, more spectacular views!)

Wallaceburg’s Leading Replacement Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are one of the most important fixtures of your home or office. Old, dilapidated and malfunctioning doors and windows can significantly hinder the appearance of your site. These products are fragile and can succumb to extreme climate changes. Frost and condensation are some of the wildest enemies of furniture, which can seriously curtail their performance and reduce their lifespan.
At Clera, our ambition is to provide our customers with the best doors and windows in Wallaceburg. We take care of all the stages ourselves right from designing and manufacturing the furniture to delivering and installing it. Our products are known for their efficiency and impeccable performance. They are made with high quality vinyl materials that do not allow dust particles to settle on the surface, thus preventing the furniture from getting soiled or mucky.

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At Clera Windows & Doors, we’re dedicated to providing the very best service, and our expert staff of factory-trained workers are sure to help you find just what you are looking for. From single- or double-hung windows to sliders, casements, and awnings, we make and install every style of window to make your home unique. We can even customize designs to suit your home’s aesthetic, or create completely unique new styles just for you! Each window, regardless of style, comes with Low-E glass to ensure the very best in energy efficiency. If you’re looking for beauty and savings, Clera has them both waiting for you in abundance in Wallaceburg!

Vinyl Windows & Doors

When it comes to energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness, our products stay at the top position on the podium. They have been topping the charts in the market and have raised the bar of performance for the competitors. We have been rated highly by Energy Star, since our products can save up to 25-30% on power bills.

Clera Windows & Doors uses top-notch materials and technology for the production of vinyl windows and doors in Wallaceburg. Instead of going with the conventional wood piles, we use vinyl slabs to manufacture our products. Vinyl is a sturdy material which helps to increase the shelf life of the product. It doesn’t get corroded by the environmental agents and is also immune to rusting or metal fatigue.

Vinyl Windows & Doors - Clera Windows + Doors
Bay & Bow Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Another reason why we choose vinyl is its excellent pricing. It is one of the most widely used raw materials and can be easily sourced from the local market. This reduces the overall transportation cost allowing the final product to be priced reasonably. It weighs less which adds to its portability, which is a great advantage for those who are often shifting to new places. Also, it is very easy to maintain as it doesn’t require any expensive polishing or waxing materials. Rather, a clean cloth dabbed in soap water will be enough to give back its natural shine.

With a huge selection of sliding glass doors, storm doors, and security doors, residents and business owners of Wallaceburg have never had so much choice. Factory tested and installed by our own team of experts, your new door will not only increase the energy efficiency of your home or business, it will also increase curb appeal of the property. And with our lifetime warranty, you can be sure it will last for many years to come.

Serving Wallaceburg for Over 40 Years

The curb appeal is an important thing to consider while renovating your home. It is one of the first things that the person entering through your front gate will notice, hence, it ought to be impressive and awe-inspiring. Clera takes great care to ensure that your curb appeal looks stunning. And to achieve that, we keep a horde of replacement windows and doors in our Wallaceburg factory ready to be shipped at all times.

We have discrete door options to suffice the discrete needs of our clients. We have the Premier Classic Door Collection for the fans of vintage furniture. This category hosts a wide range of doors that complement the beauty of your home, by adding a dash of evergreen designs in a modern way. The Prestige Collection is one of our hottest-selling categories of products, which appeals to a large group of audience. The styles embedded in this collection are a perfect cocktail of the modern designs with a touch of the early days. We also have outdoor fitting options which you can find in our Fibreglass Collection, which provides ample of options to beautify your lawn area or backyard.

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Meet the Team at Clera Windows & Doors, Wallaceburg

Finding the right furniture isn’t easy. There are many options available in the market, all claiming to be better than the rest. However, we all know their reality. While some products are genuine, more than half of the lot is pure junk. In a survey conducted by our company, we found out that nearly 57% of the people bought fake products at double prices. As a family run business passionate for fine furnishing, these statistics were despairing.
We at Clera do not take our clients for granted. We are a customer-centric company and our prime focus is to find genuine solutions for sufficing our clients’ needs. In order to ensure a seamless buying experience, we provide our clients with A-grade products manufactured at our in-house manufacturing facilities. And it doesn’t end here. We have 40& service centres spread across the province, where we have our highly experienced and trained staff ready to serve you anytime. Our installation experts make sure that your site remains unharmed, no matter how difficult the job may be. This sophistication is hard to find elsewhere which is why Clera is the clear choice!

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