3 Stunning Windows For Your Master Bathroom

June 23, 2018



3 Stunning Windows For Your Master Bathroom - Clera Windows + Doors

Bathrooms have surely evolved over the decades. If you could remember the old-fashion outdoor privy dated back in the 1800’s and compare it to how we live now with sensored flushing mechanisms. Some bathrooms now are so beautiful you could practically live out of them. The bathroom is no longer considered a place where you have to tuck yourself away into a tiny dark room. Infact, a bathroom can be a person’s private oasis, a place for relaxation, bathing, rainforest showers, and pampering themselves to at-home facial treatments. A lot of our daily practices to promote wellbeing starts in our bathroom, particularly the master bathroom.

Here are 3 surprisingly stunning window ideas for your master bedroom are sure to inspire great interior design ideas for your home:

Picture Window For Master Bathroom - Clera Windows + Doors

Picture Window

Do you have a home with a view? Home that are nestled among pine forests or a serene location by the water tend to have the most wonderful views. Looking out a panoramic window, enjoying the gorgeous views of nature while you soak in a tub seems like the ultimate form of luxury. It’s such a wonder what a picture window can do for the room, it’s as if it provides a true connection between the room and the great outdoors.

Single Hung Windows With Window Seat - Clera Windows + Doors

Single hung windows with window seat

Having privacy in your home never seemed more simpler and comfortable with a beautiful window seat in your master bathroom. Most people are accustomed to installing a large tub in this area, but if you think about it, you can only enjoy it while bathing. What if you didn’t have the time to soak up the suds? What if you just needed somewhere to gather your thoughts before you get ready for a busy day of work? The window seat is a fabulous idea. It takes up less space than a tub, it provides added storage space, and it’s certainly is a unique feature for a bathroom. The two single hung windows installed side-to-side give the room enough natural light while making it appear more like a livable space as opposed to merely a bathroom area. It also provides the proper ventilation any bathroom area needs especially with the moisture from the shower.

French Bay Windows For Master Bathroom - Clera Windows + Doors

French Bay Windows

French bay windows are a stunning window type for first storey master bathrooms. Especially for homes encompassed in nature. Not only are french windows absolutely gorgeous in any home, they are timeless so they will remain looking beautiful for many years. Bay windows let in the most natural light and makes any area appear more spacious as the windows extended outwards, making it a great choice for small spaces like the master bathroom. With bay windows, the centre window typically is an inoperable picture window while the two side windows can be installed as casement windows that can open to provide proper ventilation.

If you’re starting your next home renovation and are considering a brand new replacement window for your master bathroom, contact Clera Windows and Doors to set up a free consultation. Clera Windows manufactures and designs high-quality custom windows for any home. We can help your vision become a reality.

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