5 Front Door Trends For 2016

December 30, 2015



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Your front door is central to the character of your home. It’s the first thing anyone sees approaching your property. It’s the gateway to your property, and you have every reason to spend a little bit extra to make sure you give a positive impression of everything behind it.

The windows and doors space changes fast! To help you keep up here are a few front door trends for 2016 that you might want to consider the next time you are looking to replace your front door.

  1. Use of upgraded wood

    Wood is arguable the most popular door material. Manufacturers have met the challenge of fitting in the future by introducing special wood for front doors to boost their energy efficiency, durability and performance. A good example is the kiln-dried timber which is more resistant to weather elements than air-dried timber.

  2. Let in more light

    Doors with more glass are becoming increasingly popular and are expected to become even more so thanks to their classic design and extra light permeability. This trend has been greatly contributed to by the improvement in strength and insulation qualities over the last few years. There has also been an evolution in the type of glass used with both sand-blasted and clear options becoming increasingly popular.

  3. Consider Mother Nature

    As with all building materials and almost everything else out there, consumers are getting more and more concerned with the impact their front door has on the environment. To keep up with this, front doors should be perfectly insulated and made from sustainable material.

    Wood, in this regard, is a very green option; it’s sustainable, durable and biodegradable and has excellent insulation qualities.

  4. The bigger, the better

    Demand for large format front doors has been progressively on the rise, and designers and architects are responding to that by engineering doors with extra width and height for a dramatic aesthetic and an impressive focal point for homes.

    The large, fully-assembled pre-hung pivot front doors, for instance, are amongst the few designs that have been attracting a lot of attention, and whose production has been on a rapid increase. These doors are fastened to the frame and feature brass bottom and steel top pivot points with bearing action to provide easy opening and closing.

  5. Custom designs

    For top-end homes and for those homeowners who are looking for a signature look that will set their homes apart from the rest of the neighbourhood, going for a custom design is the best idea. Customised front doors are also a perfect way of expressing the homeowner’s true sense of personal style.

Today, a home’s front door is not just an awesome looking entrance anymore. It’s a true feature that complements the rest of the architecture and décor of your home.

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