Everything You Need to Know About Storm Doors

February 15, 2024



A contractor installs a storm door to the main door of a home

In the heart of Ontario, where seasons paint a dynamic tapestry of weather conditions, homeowners are challenged to adapt their homes to the ever-changing climate. From keeping things warm and cozy in the winter to light and airy in the summer, it can be difficult to find an all-season solution.

For some, that solution could be storm doors! But what is a storm door exactly and what is its purpose? From understanding the benefits and features to exploring the latest trends and how to select the perfect door for your home, this article serves as your one-stop resource.

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What Is a Storm Door?

A storm door serves as a protective second layer to your home’s primary exterior door and is designed to shield your entrance against harsh weather conditions while enhancing ventilation and natural light

Positioned on the outer side of your home’s entry door, it acts as a barrier against rain, snow, and wind, preventing energy loss and extending the life of your primary door by minimizing exposure to the elements.

Crafted from materials such as vinyl, aluminum, or wood, and often featuring interchangeable or retractable glass and screen panels, storm doors offer versatility for year-round comfort. In essence, they not only bolster your home’s energy efficiency and security but also contribute to its aesthetic appeal, making them a smart addition for Ontario homeowners.

Types of Storm Doors

You can choose from three types of storm doors that mostly differ in the glass panel length. Compare them below:

Types of Storm Doors
  • A storm door with a glass panel that extends from top to bottom
  • Allows more light to enter the home
  • Offers a wide view of the outdoors
  • Can have an interchangeable screen door for ventilation
  • Has a ¾ panel with a kickplate at the bottom
  • Offers decent light and ventilation
  • Can have a retractable or interchangeable screen door for ventilation
  • Has a panel at the top half of the door and a large kickplate
  • Offers a limited view of the outdoors
  • Provides good ventilation despite the size of its panel
  • Can have a retractable screen panel

What Is the Purpose of a Storm Door?

The answer to the burning question, “Are storm doors necessary?” is multifaceted. A storm door’s purpose is three-fold and may be necessary for you if…

  • Your door is not protected from the elements
  • You’re looking to cut energy costs
  • You want to enjoy added ventilation and/or sunlight
  • You would like additional security for your home

Let’s explore the purpose of a storm door in more detail.

Protection Against the Elements

Don’t underestimate the impact of extreme cold or warm air on your exterior doors. Severe weather conditions, including sun, rain, and snow are just some environmental factors that can deteriorate your door’s quality. Installing a storm door can offer an additional layer of defence since its durable material resists weathering effects.

Adds Insulation to Your Home

Storm doors can save energy by regulating your home’s temperature year-round. The extra layer of home insulation reduces heat loss in the winter and keeps cool air inside when it’s warm out. 

However, storm doors will only provide minimal energy savings if your old front door is already in bad condition. Drafty doors will cancel a storm door’s purpose since they suck hot air out of your home and allow cold air to enter. If that’s the case with your front door, it may be time to replace your front door

Provides Ventilation and Sunlight

So, are storm doors necessary? If you feel like your home doesn’t have sufficient ventilation, then the answer is yes. The same goes for if you have a solid entry door that doesn’t let any natural light into your home.

A new storm door increases fresh air flow into the home without letting in insects or other pests. With options for screen panels and retractable or interchangeable glass, you can switch depending on the weather. The glass door also provides more natural light, eliminating dark entryways. 

A home with a white mid-view storm door with a retractable screen panel covering a wooden main entry door

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3 Storm Door Benefits You Should Know

Learn why a storm door makes sense for your home: 

1. Additional Privacy and Security

A robust storm door adds an extra layer of security to your home, providing a sturdy barrier that can deter potential intruders and enhance your family’s safety. 

When you shop at Clera Windows + Doors, you can expect only the highest quality storm door made from heavy-duty tempered glass and aluminum for maximum strength and durability.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the best storm door benefits is their ability to make your home more energy efficient. Since this exterior door offers extra insulation, it slows heat transfer and retains indoor temperature. Your HVAC system won’t have to run constantly to provide the desired temperature, maintaining its high performance and reducing energy costs. 

3. Prevents Bugs from Infiltrating Your Home

Screen doors will prevent bugs from entering your home on days when you want to keep the door open to let in fresh air!

Do You Need a Storm Door?

Now that you know the purpose of a storm door and its benefits, determining if this addition to your outer door is necessary comes down to your geographical location, budget, and home’s needs. To help you decide if you need a storm door, here are a couple of considerations before you make a decision:

  • Amount of Sun Exposure: If your main entry door receives a lot of direct sunlight, installing a storm door with Low-E glass is advised. Low-quality glass panels could trap heat between the doors, potentially causing damage to the main door’s finish or warping. 
  • Local Climate: Get a storm door if severe winter storms and heavy rain are common in your area. Otherwise, you may not have to buy one.
  • Protected Porches or Entryways: If your entryway is already well-protected by a covered porch or similar, a storm door might not provide significant additional benefits.
  • Architectural Incompatibility: Some home designs or door configurations, such as doors with intricate detailing or non-standard sizes, might not accommodate a storm door without requiring extensive modifications.

Get Storm Doors Manufactured to Withstand Canadian Climates

It’s clear that storm doors offer a wealth of benefits tailored to the unique needs of Ontario homeowners. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, bolster security, or simply elevate its curb appeal, a storm door presents a versatile solution.

Now is the perfect time to consider this valuable addition to your home. Don’t let another unpredictable season pass by without giving your front door the protection it deserves!

Clera Windows + Doors is Ontario’s leading manufacturer of storm doors. For over 45 years, we’ve provided homeowners across the province with reliable, high-quality aluminum storm doors designed to withstand Canada’s extreme weather conditions.

Still not sure if a storm door is right for your home? Our team is currently offering free consultations—call now to schedule yours!

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