5 Unique Places to Use Windows

June 11, 2020



5 Unique Places to Use Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

We all know that no home is complete without its windows. These glass fixtures allow us to look out into the world while also providing warmth, light, and ventilation. And if you have Low-E windows, you get to have all of the above benefits while also helping you reduce energy costs.

Windows are so vital and, at the same time, so commonplace, that homeowners tend to think they know all there is to know – including all the best places to have windows in the house. So we may all know that bedrooms need at least one window, and so does the dining room, living room, kitchen, and so on.

But in this article, we will consider more unique window placement ideas that will help you have natural light where you may never have thought you needed it. Ready to take advantage of these unique ‘window opportunities’? Then let’s get started!

Windows Where Walls Meet

You get plenty of benefits from having windows where the walls meet – whether it’s a single, uninterrupted fixed glass window (like in the image below) or two separate windows that are meeting at the corner of the room.

The first and most evident benefit of this window idea is having more natural light coming into the room. Just imagine. Having windows placed in this area gives you more surface area for your windows, allowing more illumination to come from just this single corner. This corner, therefore, makes for a great reading nook or hobby area – all you need is a comfy seat or desk in this corner of brightness and you’re set.

More than the functional aspect of this window configuration, it also helps to make a small space seem bigger – while also adding more character to the room. And if you have the privilege of having a spectacular view just outside the corner of the room, the extended window surface area allows you to enjoy the view like never before. And to top it all off, this can also be a great place to grow some indoor plants.

Windows Where Walls Meet - Clera Windows + Doors

Windows For Your Bathroom

Because of privacy issues, windows in bathrooms are usually small, placed above-head, or both. But actually there are functional and aesthetic advantages if you can have larger windows – and place them right beside the bathtub or right on the shower cubicle. But before you dismiss this window idea because of privacy concerns, here’s the solution: frost a portion of the window or the entirety of it to maintain absolute privacy.

Having a larger window will allow more natural light to come in during the daytime. Because it’s sunlight, it can help you have the most realistic view of your look while you get ready in front of the mirror. And here’s another perk. You will get a good dose of vitamin D as you soak in the tub or take a shower during the morning. And if you have plants in your bathroom, you’ll be able to guarantee their survival and health as they will also get their dose of sunlight.

Additionally, if your bathroom is located right next to the garden or is overlooking an awesome view, you can enjoy looking out into the beautiful outdoors while you take a relaxing shower or soak – but this, of course, will depend on how high the frosted part of the glass is.

Windows For Your Bathroom - Clera Windows + Doors

Windows For Your Hallways

Hallways are often one of the gloomiest parts of the house. Oftentimes it’s narrow with inadequate lighting. This is why a recent design trend puts the hallway/s at the outer edge, against the external wall of the house – instead of being between rooms. And what advantage does this layout give? Yup, you guessed it. It gives a window opportunity!

Often, these kinds of hallways are lined with large fixed windows, allowing as much sunlight to come in as possible. And if you want more privacy, then you can frost a portion of the glass or the entirety of it.

And the main advantages you get from this, much like in previous examples, is the extra dose of vitamin D and a chance to enjoy a beautiful panoramic or garden view as you pass through your hallway – what a change from two opaque walls on both sides, right? Furthermore, you can cut energy costs since you won’t need to artificially illuminate your hallway until sundown.

Windows For Your Hallways - Clera Windows + Doors

Windows For Your Stairs

If you don’t have a window near your staircase, chances are you are missing a window opportunity. The location of staircases in most homes is such that there should be at least one portion of it that’s on an external wall – whether it’s the beginning of the staircase, the side of the staircase (like in the example below), or at the landing of the staircase. The benefits you get from having a window near your staircase are quite similar to the benefits you get from having a window along your hallway.

Without windows, the staircase can be yet another gloomy part of the house even in the daytime. The natural light pouring in from the window will remedy this and will even help you save on your energy bill. You can even make use of dramatic shapes like a circular window to add more aesthetic value to this window placement.

Windows For Your Stairs - Clera Windows + Doors

Windows in the Middle of the Room

As whimsical as this may sound, interior windows have been around for quite a while and are a favourite for some interior designers. Some homeowners overlook this method of establishing boundaries between rooms and it is truly a shame because interior windows have plenty to offer – aesthetically and functionally.

Interior windows are especially wonderful for small spaces because it is a see-through kind of barrier that does not shrink the room as opaque barriers do. But even for larger spaces, it also has its charms and advantages. Of course, because it’s still a window, light can go through it. This means that it’s a barrier that does not add dark corners into the room. In fact, if there is a light source in one of the rooms (natural or not), the light can spill over to the other room, allowing for illumination to spread further.

It truly is one of those design solutions that most homeowners see and it makes them say “how did I not think of that sooner?”

Windows In The Middle Of The Room - Clera Windows + Doors

So Where Can I Get a Window?

These unique window ideas are sure to make you search your house for those ‘window opportunities’ – that is, if you haven’t thought of some already. So if you’re in need of windows or replacement windows, check out the beautiful, energy-saving, and secure window options that we have at Clera Windows + Doors.

We design and manufacture all the windows we sell – so you can be assured of top-notch quality for the best price. And should you need a specialty window (custom-shaped), we can definitely arrange something. We guarantee a window-shopping experience unlike any other.

Contact us today and let’s brighten up your home!

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