How to Have Large Bathroom Windows Without Compromising Privacy

July 5, 2022



How To Have Large Bathroom Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Large bathroom windows are often associated with luxury and style—and they also offer plenty of practical benefits. By getting large bathroom windows, you will be able to:

But what does all of this mean for bathroom window privacy? The good news is that privacy in your bathroom and getting ample sunlight aren’t mutually exclusive. There are solutions available so that you get the best of both worlds. Moreover, if you’re concerned about UV damaging your skin or fading the floors, there is a way to lessen UV exposure as well. 

In this guide, you’ll discover how to fully enjoy large bathroom windows without any hiccups.

How To Have Large Bathroom Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

1. Frosted Large Bathroom Windows

Frosted glass is something you may have seen in offices, but did you know that it can also be a sophisticated way to get bathroom window privacy? 

If you’ve ever seen frosted glass on office conference rooms, you’ll know that it’s very hard to see through them. At the same time, they still allow light through. For this reason, they are also perfect for your large bathroom windows.

With its translucent appearance, frosted glass gives you the best of all worlds as far as bathroom windows are concerned. You get the following benefits: 

  • Privacy from the outside;
  • Soft sunlight streaming in through the windows; and
  • The option to only have your windows partially frosted.

2. Customized Textured Glass for Your Large Bathroom Window

Essentially, the first option we discussed is all about adding opacity to clear glass, thereby making them translucent. But if you haven’t bought your large bathroom windows just yet, there’s a way to get translucent glass right out of the box.

This option gets even more interesting because you’d have a variety of textures to choose from! The best part is, these aren’t just visual or shallow textures; these textures can be felt—which adds a hint of luxury to the experience.

Here at Clera Windows + Doors, we offer a variety of glass texture options that will boost both your bathroom’s privacy and interior design points. Choose from textures like chinchilla, glacier, granite, water glass, and more. These are textures that can be applied to the entire window or to select portions, depending on the type of window that you choose.

3. Stained Glass for Large Bathroom Windows

What could be better than textured glass? Well, if you’re a fan of art, you might say stained glass. But the good news is that you may not even need to choose. Textured glass and stained glass can work together beautifully to give you bathroom window privacy. 

One bonus here is that stained glass (or stained glass with textured glass) will automatically become a statement piece for your bathroom. So, if you’ve ever felt that your bathroom lacks colour or character, this is an exciting renovation project to explore!

Consider these stained glass bathroom window ideas: 

  • Flora-inspired stained glass;
  • Mandala-inspired stained glass;
  • Abstract art stained glass;  
  • Natural scenery-inspired stained glass; or 
  • Underwater scenery-inspired stained glass. 

As with window textures, you can talk to custom window manufacturers to see if they can accommodate your stained glass customization request. However, if you feel drawn to stained glass but don’t want permanent alterations to a clear window, you can explore temporary solutions like stained glass window films.

Stained Glass For Large Bathroom Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

4. Blinds, Shades, and Shutters for Bathroom Window Privacy

If you want a way to add privacy to your large bathroom windows without altering the glass itself, then you can try exploring window treatments. Luxurious woven wood or faux wood shutters can add interesting accents to your bathroom’s interior. There is also a variety of other waterproof options to explore. 

Keep in mind that the placement of your bathroom window matters. The more “splash-prone” the windows are, the more likely that your window treatments will get wet. This could lead to mould—even if the material is waterproof. These splashes could also create marks that need to be washed or wiped off every now and then.  

5. Smart Glass that Changes Opacity

Smart glass technology is a convenient, exciting, and futuristic way to address the age-old need for bathroom window privacy. With smart glass technology, you get versatility like no other.

Want a nice view of the outdoors? Switch to clear glass. Want more privacy? Then dial up the glass’s opacity. This is all possible with switchable electrochromic glass, which is able to alter its appearance based on electrical commands.

Get Customized and Energy-Efficient Large Bathroom Windows by Clera

For the past 41+ years, Clera Windows + Doors has been a trusted manufacturer of top-quality windows. With our team, you’re just a few steps away from giving your home its best windows yet!

If you want to have large bathroom windows and bathroom privacy to match, contact us today to discuss customization options. 

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