6 Exciting Bathroom Window Ideas

November 10, 2021



6 Exciting Bathroom Window Ideas - Clera Windows + Doors

Do you feel that you have dark, damp and somewhat gloomy bathrooms in your home? If so, you might need to add more bathroom windows.

By choosing to either add more or enlarge your bathroom windows, you can have increased natural light and improved ventilation in your bathroom. The best part is that you no longer have to choose between privacy or natural light. Thanks to the ever-growing selection of privacy windows at Clera Windows + Doors, you can have both privacy and natural light, without having to sacrifice function or style.

If you’re looking to revamp one of the most used rooms in the house, here are some of our favourite ideas to bring new light to the bathroom:

Bringing Natural Light To The Bathroom - Clera Windows + Doors

The Many Benefits of Better Bathroom Windows

Having better bathroom windows gives you plenty of benefits, such as:

  • More style to your bathroom
  • A more uplifting and relaxing ambiance in your bathroom
  • The ability to house small plants or succulents on the bathroom windowsill for an added touch of freshness to the space
  • Showcase the view outside (especially for homes with a great skyline, near a wooded area, or close to a water feature)
  • Decreased dependence on artificial lighting 
  • More natural light to assist with putting on makeup, styling your hair, or shaving

Recommended Bathroom Windows

Here are our picks of the top window styles for your bathroom:

1. Awning Windows 

These are windows that have a hinge on top. The sash swings out from the bottom and is typically oriented in a landscape fashion.

Why this is the perfect bathroom window: For one thing, you can have awning windows open even in the midst of light rain. The sash will serve as a barrier for the rain droplets while you still enjoy ventilation.

2. Slider Windows 

These windows typically have two sashes that move on a track. They can be thought of as the horizontally oriented version of hung windows.

Why this is the perfect bathroom window: These windows are perfect because of how seamlessly they blend into any home design. Part of a slider window is always closed, this can be strategically used to ensure privacy where it counts the most such as close to the shower or toilet.

3. Fixed Windows 

Fixed windows, also known as picture windows, are not operable by design. This means that fixed windows don’t open and only serve to let in more light in a particular space.

Why this is the perfect bathroom window: Fixed windows are usually not applied on their own because they offer no ventilation. However, if you have enough operable windows to take care of ventilation and you only wish to increase sunlight in your bathroom, fixed windows are a versatile, cost-effective, and energy-saving choice.

Once you pick between these windows, check out our article on tips for how to choose the perfect bathroom window blinds!

Exciting Renovation Ideas For Your Bathroom Windows 

1. Frosted Bathroom Windows for Above the Tub

Utilizing large windows or combination windows right next to the bathtub has been trendy for a while. To ensure privacy, the windows can be frosted or partially frosted.

This large window area next to the tub can be comprised of:

  • One fixed window (if there are other operable windows in the bathroom);
  • Two or more adjacent operable windows; or 
  • A combination of fixed and operable windows.

If you are planning on doing a full renovation or you’re building your home from scratch, you might also want to consider using projection windows like bow windows or bay windows. These window types create a pocket of additional space where the right-sized bathtub could be tucked into for added luxury. Imagine basking in the tub under the glow of the morning sun or moonlight!

If you’re looking for something that isn’t frosted glass, check out our guide on the best glass window finishing options for your bathroom.

2. Partially Frosted Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Windows 

This idea is for those who want an extra sleek, modern renovation for their bathroom. Floor-to-ceiling glass creates a sense of added space, showcases the outside view, and adds natural brightness to any bathroom.

Once your floor-to-ceiling glass is installed, you can have it partially frosted so that only the upper third of the glass height is clear. The rest of the glass stays private yet illuminated through the frosted layer. If you live anywhere near a canopy of trees or a clear sky, you will always get to enjoy the view on the clear part of your floor-to-ceiling glass.

Partially Frosted Floor-To-Ceiling Glass Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

3. Create the View You Want With Static Cling Window Film

If you’re not a huge fan of fully frosted windows, there are other design options for you! Consider patterned window film to add texture to your bathroom windows. Options include anything from an illusion of textured glass, abstract art, a floral pattern, a forest pattern, and more. The best part about static cling window film is that it can be safely removed and replaced whenever you would like to try something new.

4. Blue Tint, Not Blue Paint

It seems like every other year, blue bathroom walls come back with a vengeance. But why paint your bathroom when you can just colour the natural light? Blue tint on large windows gives the light itself a clean, calming feel.

5. High Awning Windows in the Shower

Nothing beats a breath of fresh air while in a steamy shower. It feels like camping, but with the water at the right temperature and without sand on your feet. The best way to do this is by having a high awning window – high enough to block any off-limits views of you as you shower. The awning configuration even helps protect your privacy from higher windows across the street.

6. Skylights 

Skylights are the perfect solution for homeowners who want natural light on their top-floor bathroom but are too close to their neighbour’s houses to install large windows. They add a stunning aesthetic to the area and have the added bonus of decreasing your energy bills since you can use them for natural light while showering and going about your morning routine.

Choose Clera’s Bathroom Windows For Your Next Renovation 

A great bathroom window renovation starts with the windows. With over 40 years of industry experience, Clera Windows + Doors are able to provide Ontarians with windows they love.

Our windows are made with sturdy materials that will stand the test of time and require virtually no maintenance. They are also equipped with energy-saving features that surpass ENERGY STAR® standards. Amidst all the practical advantages our windows offer, they are also stylish and will fit various aesthetic preferences.

Ready to outfit your home with the best bathroom windows? Contact us today or schedule a FREE in-home consultation!

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