5 Cost-effective Ways to Renovate Your Home This Spring

April 7, 2018



Cost-effective Ways To Renovate Your Home This Spring - Clera Windows + Doors

The desire for change and constant improvement is part of human nature, especially for those who have a natural knack for style. It’s no wonder we’re conditioned this way, just as we begin settling in with the latest trends, the seasons continue revolving and so does our idea of “what’s cool” now. Not only that, the colours, fabrics, and styles change are a part of seasonal trends as well, it kind of makes you wonder how anyone on a budget can keep up! Well, fortunately, our home improvement and style experts aren’t just all about major home renovations. We also believe that when done right, being simple and practical can reap major benefits and it’s also the best route for homeowners to take when trying to stay within a reasonable budget.

With the warm weather fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking of simple home renovations you can do to instantly transform your home. Here are 5 cost-effective ways you can renovate your home this spring without breaking the bank:

Give the room an instant refresh with a fresh coat of paint

Approximate cost: $100-$150

Feeling a bit drab? Nothing gives a room an instant pick-me-up like a fresh slab of paint on the walls. Here’s are the quick pros of this budget-friendly renovation tip: You don’t need to hire a professional, it can be done in one weekend, it’s inexpensive, and some even claim it’s a therapeutic kind of activity. How about those movies where you see couples bonding over painting their home. Turn on some music and make a day out of it, it can be a surprisingly good experience. Are the any cons? Sure, there’s cons to most things besides winning the lottery. But painting a room can be laborious and if the job is done poorly like, uneven coverage and improper framing around doors and windows, it can actually look worse than how it started out. Good thing is, it’s probably harder to do a bad job than it is to actually do the job.

Light the way with an upgraded light fixture

Approximate cost: $50-$150

When’s the last time you shopped around for new light fixtures for your home? It’s not a normal item that makes the family’s to-do list every week, but it’s certainly something to consider during this home renovation season. Lighting creates the ambience in the room, it’s the finishing touch that will tie in the rooms overall aesthetic. If you’ve already made the switch to energy-efficient light bulbs in every room, you’re practically done the job already. All there’s left to do is swap out that old fixture with the many modern alternatives you have to choose from out there. You can find explore so many options under $150 a light fixture and be pleasantly surprised with the results after, you’d wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner. It’s one of the small budget, major improvement type of home renovation job.

Treat yourself to new window treatments

Approximate cost: $150-$250 per window.

You’re probably privy to changing your window treatments during warm and cold weather months, from airy draperies of lighter shades in the summer to heavier curtains in the winter. These probably cost you a good $40-$100 each time. How about kicking it up a notch and opting for interior shutters? It’s a bit more of an upfront cost than the traditional curtains but they won’t need to be changed seasonally and quality interior shutters should last year many years, saving you money in the long-term. Traditional swinging wood shutters add both a historical detail and modern edge to any home, besides looking great, they also provide optimal shade and privacy when needed. Now, you could spare yourself a few bucks and attempt to install the shutters yourself or you can spare yourself the trouble and hire a professional get the job done right, either way it’s one practical renovation tip that will certainly go a long way to increase the value, comfort, and overall aesthetic of your home.

Revive your entryway door

Approximate cost for paint: $25-$50Approximate cost to replace: $500-$1200

Whether you paint it or replace it, it’s really up to you, but if you’re looking to improve the exterior of your home most people would start with the main focal point for guests and passerbys: The front door. How well is your current door working for you? Are your feeling a cold draft coming through the cracks in the door? Or the locking mechanism is acting up again? It’s highly beneficial to replace a door that’s no longer functioning the way it should such as, being energy-efficient, sealing out the draft, and keeping the home secure with a functioning lock and handle. If all is good and dandy on that front than putting a fresh new coat of paint could revive a door to look instantly brand new.
Your front door sets the stage for what your guests can expect when they walk into your home. It’s the first impression your home offers to your guests, make it a good one with a front entryway door that is bright and welcoming.

Revamp the outdoors

Approximate cost: $80-$100

The exterior of your home is what will set your curb appeal and is the part of the home that will greet you first after a long commute from work. If you have a deck, you can instantly spruce up your deck with a good power wash, hand-scrub, and a new coat of a protective stain finish. This area could be an extension to your home for you to enjoy hosting guests this summer. Pot some flowers to decorate your newly polished deck.
These are just some easy DIY ideas with the intention of staying practical and simple. Remember, being practical and simple doesn’t have to mean being mediocre. When it comes to home living and wanting the best for your family, it’s about being smart and getting the most out of your hard earned money. The fact that you’re even considering home improvement jobs already confirms that you value the functionality and comfort of your home. Start with these budget-friendly home renovation jobs while you continue to strive for bigger and better.

If you’re looking for advice on new windows and doors for your home in Toronto and the surrounding areas, connect with an expert at Clera Windows and Doors. We’d be happy to provide a free consultation and help you go through all the options to fit your budget.

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