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6 Exciting Bathroom Window Ideas

With bathroom windows, you no longer have to choose between privacy or natural light. Thanks to the ever-growing selection of privacy windows available, you can have both without having to sacrifice function or style.

If you’re looking to revamp one of the most used rooms in the house, here are some of our favorite ideas to bring new light to the bathroom:

  1. Frosted Glass Above the Tub…Lots of It!
    Nothing says ‘sanctuary’ quite like glowing, beautiful light streaming in, right? That’s why we love over-sized frosted glass windows stretching from the edge of the tub right to the cleaning. For bonus luxury, if you’re building a house or making major renos, put in a bay window so the light comes through from all sides.
  2. Opaque Floral-Patterned Curtains
    It doesn’t get more feminine than floral curtains. Instead of using curtains that draw across, place one permanently over a window and let the light dapple through it. With a light fabric, this can also let some fresh air into your shower.
  3. Color Film ‘Stained Glass’ Windows
    With modern manufactured windows, the stained glass look is easier to find than ever. Using films, any window can be transformed into a beautiful design, without any of the risks of cracking and low efficiency that characterizes actual stained glass. These films can be used for classic, art decor, or modern looks, and can complement almost any decorating scheme. Why buy more paintings for your bathroom when your windows can be turned into works of art?
  4. Blue Tint, Not Blue Paint
    It seems like every other year, blue bathroom walls come back with a vengeance. But why paint your bathroom when you can just color the natural light? Blue tint on large windows gives the light itself a clean, calming feel.
  5. High Awning Windows in the Shower
    Take it from us, nothing beats a breath of fresh air while in a steamy shower. It feels like camping, but with the water at the right temperature and without sand on your feet. The best way to get that breath of fresh air is with a high awning window– high enough to block any off-limits views of you as you shower. The awning configuration even helps protect your privacy from higher windows across the street.
  6. Skylights
    Skylights are the perfect solution for homeowners who want natural light on their top-floor bathroom, but are too close to their neighbour’s houses to install large windows. They add a stunning aesthetic to the area and have the added bonus of decreasing your energy bills, since you can use them for natural light while showering and going about your morning routine.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be increasing the room’s appeal and your home’s overall resale value. The days of sad windowless bathrooms are over, and beautiful natural light is shining through!

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