What is Fenestration Installation?

April 1, 2013



Fenestration Installation - Clera Windows + Doors

Fenestration Installation is a certification program for qualified individuals to install windows. For a person to become certified, they must demonstrate understanding and ability at using manufacturer instructions, building principles and industry standards, like the CSA A440.4 window installation standard. There are three levels of certification that can be obtained in fenestration installation. The previous level must be acquired in order to obtain the next one.

Level 1 Certification

For the first level of certification, a candidate must have at least 2000 hours of work experience within the past five years or one year of relevant training along with 500 hours of work experience. Basic math, geometry and communication skills will also be required to complete this level of certification successfully.

The first level of certification tests a person’s ability to:

  • Understand current building and construction technology
  • Understand and use the current standards
  • Use and maintain proper tools
  • Use appropriate methods and material

The candidate must show understanding of the following components of window installation:

  • Combustible residential buildings; three stories or less
  • New constructions
  • Replacement items
  • Factory assembled windows, doors and skylights

Level 2 Certification

Window installers who wish to obtain their level 2 certification should require minimal supervision on the job and should be able to deal with the everyday assignments that come up. Candidates are required to pass 3 required units and 4 optional units.

The required units are:

  • Maintaining health and safety requirements on the job
  • Contributing to the work of others
  • Material handling

Level 3 Certification

The highest level of certification is level 3. This level prepares window and door installers to take on a supervisory role within a company. The focus becomes on assessing products or work procedures and identifying possible improvements. To take this test, candidates should have a high understanding of the procedures, industry, regulations and legislation that applies to fenestration installation. The workload is significantly higher in this level. One group of mandatory units must be completed, along with four groups of optional units.

The mandatory units in level 3 are:

  • Maintaining health and safety in working environment
  • Identifying and rectifying technical problems in a glass or glass related environment
  • Improving the work of the organization
  • Identifying and confirming the installation requirements

With the complexity of today’s fenestration, the need for a comprehensive program that provides the necessary information and understanding on the process is great. Fenestration can include many different aspects, such as glazing materials, fixtures, opaque door slabs and many more. If you are thinking about taking these certifications, you can find out more here.

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