Barn Doors for Interior Decor: A Passing Fad or a Worthwhile Investment?

August 12, 2015


Interior Design

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If you’re looking to renovate the doors in your home, you’ve probably noticed that there are many options to choose from. This makes it difficult to know which styles and features work best.

Barn doors are a new design being used by homeowners to create a unique and modern look. Is this a worthwhile investment or just a passing fad?

The following will give you all the details on this new design trend and how to make it work for you.

Why Use Barn Doors Inside?

Barn doors might seem like an unlikely option for indoor use. It’s a simple door that hangs on a sliding track. This makes it easy to use and install, which is why its popularity has grown in recent years.

Installing a barn door doesn’t require the removal and re-installation of your door frame. The mounting units are widely available and come in a variety of styles. This gives you plenty of flexibility in creating the look and feel of your new doors.

The following are some of the materials needed to install a barn door:

  • Steel track
  • Brackets
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Rollers

Do Barn Doors Work Inside the Home?

Barn doors add a unique detail to the overall look of your home. Choosing the right materials creates the perfect look that adds a new level of functionality.

A barn door can be made to look rustic or elegant depending on your tastes. They create more space by eliminating the need to accommodate a traditional swinging door.

Sliding barn doors are also easier to use. Traditional doors can stick or fail to close properly if there are any issues related to the foundation or warping of materials.

A barn door is easy to open and close and allows you to incorporate a heavier door than you might use in a frame.

It’s a suitable option for any room in the house and can be used to complement any style of decor.


Barn doors can change the entire look of your home. You can combine vintage hardware with a rustic door to give your home a warm and rustic feel.

Choose a more classic style barn door to go with practically any style. It can be used for main entryways or closets and can be styled or painted according to your preferences.

Barn doors are becoming just one of the latest trends in home design. They can be installed easily and provide a space-saving and functional renovation to your doors.

A barn door can be a worthwhile investment once you consider what style works best for your home. Choosing the right one and installing it correctly will help you get the greatest return on that investment with improved functionality.

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