Window Glazing 101

November 7, 2018



Window Glazing 101 - Clera Windows + Doors

If you are on the market for window replacement, an important topic to consider is that of window glazing. There is a common misconception that this is something people do to their windows to make them more energy efficient and while this is partly true, window glazing in actuality refers to the window glass itself when installed within the window frame. While windows come in a wide range of colours, designs, and styles, they will often come equipped with either single or dual pane sheets.

Modern Windows

Double Pane Windows

Double panes are the standard for energy efficient windows and because of this, are often referred to as “double hung” windows. The idea behind double glazed windows is that the double glass panes, in combination with the immediate buffer zone, will provide a more effective barrier against outside temperatures as opposed to single-paned windows. Double-glazed windows are now considered the standard for both replacement windows as well as newly constructed windows. There are many advantages associated with double pane windows outside of saving you money on your energy bills. They also offer noise insulation to help block outside noise, making your home more peaceful and tranquil. Double glazed windows also minimize condensation and can even offer stronger safety.

Triple Pane Windows

To ensure your home is completely sealed up for the cold winter months, you can even choose a triple glaze that will go in between the two panes. Triple pane windows are excellent options for homeowners living in extreme northern climates. They are also great sound reducers for homes near highways or airports, however the extra pane of glass makes for a thick, heavy, and more expensive sash. However, these highly efficient windows will keep the gaps between the inner and outer glazes from allowing air inflow or outflow, although this is usually kept to a minimum due to the gases present inside.

The majority of modern windows are energy-efficient and are integrated with advanced coatings that are heat-sensitive. Homeowners have the ability to choose between a variety of window glazing options that include low-E glass, triple-pane insulated glass, double-pane insulated glass, and single-pane glass.

How Do I Know If I Need To Glaze My Windows?

Cracked or Broken Windows

If you are hoping to maximize the energy efficiency of your home, glazing your windows is one of the best things you can do. When it comes to heat loss, poorly functioning windows along with doors are usually the biggest culprits. There may be a variety of reasons for why your windows may need to be glazed, one of which includes damaged or cracked windows. If the glass on your widows are damaged in any way, it is recommended that you find a solution to it sooner rather than later, especially since winter is well on its way. Remember, it is crucial to fix the problem as quickly as you can before it has the opportunity to lead to bigger ones later down the road. If you notice that your glass windows are broken, have cracks, or are warped, this is a definite sign that professionals need to be called in for window glazing, which should be performed as soon as possible.

The Importance of Window Glazing

Many reglazing jobs are done late in the game and when reglazing windows is a necessity, rather than at the get-go. By keeping a close eye on your windows, you can save hundreds on energy bills to ensure they are functioning properly. Although high quality windows can often last for decades, windows do have expiration dates and when it comes time to re-glaze them, you want to ensure you catch it as soon as possible to avoid any costs associated with heat loss. Beyond choosing and installing windows with multiple panes of glass, which will in itself will improve energy savings substantially, you can also choose tinted glass. This will coat the glass in a clear film that is meant to block out light, which will provide you with even more energy savings.

Measuring Window Insulation

Window glazing is rated on three criteria: its ability to insulate, how much light it filters through, and its ability to block heat from the sun. By evaluating these factors, you can choose the best windows that are the most suited to your climate and even customize windows for specific rooms in your home.

A window’s ability to insulate is measured in a handful of different ways. The most common way to measure this is with the R-Value system, which is a measurement of how well materials resist energy transfer. In this system, the higher R-value translates into greater resistance and thus, higher insulation. The glazing options available to homeowners today can even create windows that have almost the same insulation value as walls!

Window Glazing Services

Depending on the type of work you need completed, you will most likely want to hire a professional glazier to get the job done for you. In our experience, the majority of older homes have windows that cannot be replaced. Older homes often have charm and character that homeowners would like to preserve, which can cause potential issues when the glass needs to be reglazed. You have a few options: have someone come complete the job in the comfort of your home, or you can send your windows to a company that specializes in window reglazing services.

As a whole, window glazing is something that the large majority of homeowners will have to do at some point in the future and doing so will ensure that your home is operating with great energy efficiency as well as keeping your windows in optimal condition.

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