Ideas for Decorating Your Bay Windows

April 20, 2020


Interior Design

Ideas For Decorating Your Bay Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Bay windows are beautiful architecture features. They’re a combination of two or three windows that protrude or angle out from an exterior wall. They can be rectangular, hexagonal, or octagonal. If you have bay windows at home, this article is going to be a great resource. Check out these cute bay window ideas that you can try incorporating into your home’s interior design.

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Turn Your Bay Window Into Sitting Area

Because of their shape, bay windows create a hollow space that offers the perfect depth for a wide variety of practical and styling purposes. A highly popular bay window decor idea is having a window seat usually styled with comfortable cushions and pillows with gorgeous prints. A bay window nook is an inviting space to catch up on your reading or to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or wine as a relaxing way to unwind after a busy day.

Turn Your Bay Window Into Sitting Area - Clera Windows + Doors

Window Treatments for Your Bay Windows

Ideally, bay windows should be left naked because it would be such a shame to waste the sunshine and the views they bring. Nevertheless, if you insist on having one perhaps to seek privacy or to shelter you from the intense midday sun, we have found that the best window treatment options for bay windows are:

  • Sheer full-length curtains - not too heavy and dark
  • Linen shades - can be drawn up when you want
  • Cafe-style curtains - only cover the bottom half

These bay window treatment ideas give you the best of both worlds. They offer protection and some privacy without totally blocking natural light and views.

An Inspiring Home Office

Another logical bay window idea is to use the nook as your home office. You can put a desk in front of the windows or have your back against it, too. The natural light is excellent for boosting inspiration and productivity. On the contrary, if you are working with a computer screen, it’s probably best to face the other way to avoid the glare.

The bay window’s sill is typically wide and deep and can, therefore, be used as a desk or an open shelf to hold your books. If you plan on using it as a work desk, you can extend the window sill with a plank of wood customized to fit the irregular shape of the bay window. It’s a creative way to use the space and to get the most of your home’s architectural elements.

Bay Window Dining Room with A View

Bay Window Dining Room With A View - Clera Windows + Doors

Setting your dining area in front of expansive bay windows overlooking your thriving garden offers a delightful visual treat. It’s going to be showered with plenty of natural light during daytime, which significantly enhances the ambiance and guarantees a pleasant dining experience with family and friends. Complement the shape of your bay windows with a round or oval-shaped dining table. Doing so will create a kind of symmetry that will balance in the unconventionally shaped space.

Kitchen Bay Windows

If you’re doing a house renovation and getting new replacement windows for your kitchen, we encourage you to get bay windows. Positioned in front of the stove or the kitchen sink, you can execute a lovely bay window decor idea where you use the alcove or the extended window sill as a spot to grow your little herb garden.

Because this portion is going to get lots of sunshine, the plants are going to grow lush and healthy. In addition, because it’s near your cooking and prep area, you have easy access and pluck a leaf or two anytime you please. It’s a charming bay window idea that hits the spot in terms of form and functionality. Kitchen bay windows are also an effective way to naturally sanitize the area using sunlight and prevent the growth of mould and mildew in your cabinets and counters.

A Charming Breakfast Nook

Charming Breakfast Nook - Clera Windows + Doors

On the other hand, if the floor space in your bay window is not big enough to fit a regular-sized dining table, you can turn it into a breakfast or coffee nook instead. You can have a bench built into the alcove and set up a table in front. If you want to have your breakfast nook fast, you can also put a small table with a couple of chairs in front of your bay windows. Spruce it up with a vase filled with a seasonable bouquet or by placing your French press paired with delicate china cups.

Maximize Your Bay Window with Transom Windows

Increase natural light and get a sweeping view of the outdoors by adding transom windows above your bay windows. It’s highly recommended if your bay windows are not large enough, and you still have the available space on your exterior wall above it. The transom windows can be customized to fit your bay windows frame. These types of window improvements are a worthy investment because they’re going to make the room appear bigger and brighter.

Maximize Your Bay Window with Transom Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Stylish Bay Windows By Clera

Now that you know a lot of bay window ideas, it’s time to purchase and have one installed. Clera Windows + Doors boasts of an extensive collection of elegantly designed and premium-quality windows, including bay windows. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should choose Clera Windows + Doors:

  • We are a major Canadian provider with over 40 years of experience in the industry.
  • All our products are made according to the highest quality standards and have an excellent Energy STAR rating.
  • We have an extensive collection of windows and doors to suit your taste and functionality requirements.
  • We have a Window Wise certified installation team that does everything perfectly and professionally consistently.
  • We offer a hassle-free experience and a genuine lifetime warranty.

Because Clera Windows + Doors is a one-stop-shop, we take care of everything, from manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

Paired with all the tasteful bay window decor ideas we discussed, there’s no doubt your home is going to look fantastic. Shop at Clera Windows + Doors and avail of our professional interior window installation service. To request a free home estimate, contact us today!

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