How to Clean Your Windows In The Winter

October 16, 2017



Cleaning Your Windows In The Winter - Clera Windows + Doors

Most people would prefer to do their window washing during the warmer months like, Spring or Summer, a time when catching a light spritz of water falling down from the window panes would feel cool and refreshing as opposed to getting frost bitten in the winter. But, if you’re not like most people and you’re feeling ambitious, you can certainly get the task done during the window months. What’s ironic about this is that winter is the least most favourable time to have to wash windows yet, it’s the time your windows can get the dirtiest.

Perhaps you live by a busy street and the splash slush and salt from the roads have been splattered on your windows, obstructing your view of the outdoors. Maybe your inlaws are coming over during the holidays and you want to make a great impression with a home that sparking from the outside in. Washing your windows in the window is always great for preventing the build of dirt and grime over the winter so that your windows are in decent shape for the upcoming Spring. Whatever your reason for washing your windows in the winter, you’ll find these handy tips useful for getting the job done and keep your cleaning fluid from freezing.

First, here are the things you’ll need to get started:

  • Windshield washer fluid (antifreeze) Be sure to choose one that can be used with freezing temperatures.
  • A squeegee
  • Spray bottle
  • Cloth or paper towels
  • Don’t forget warm clothing, extra layers, hat, scarf, and waterproof or rubber gloves that you can work with!

Tip: The best day to clean you windows in the winter is a day with expected overcast. As tempting as it would be to work under the morning sun, shade is better for avoiding streaks being left on the window panes.


  1. Prepare your cleaning solution by filling your spray bottle with 2 parts antifreeze and 1 part water. Now, if you already have a cleaning solution that you love but you’re worried about it freezing, you can just add some antifreeze to the solution and mix well.
  2. Start with cleaning one window at a time. Before applying any wet spray or cleaning solution to the window, wipe away any dust and debris that appears on the window pane, grooves, or tracks.
  3. Spray the entire window pane area with your mixed cleaning solution.
  4. Using your squeegee, wipe your windows evenly from top to bottom, using your cloth or paper towel to dry the areas you just squeegeed. Remember to squeegee as quick as possible to avoid the cleaning fluids from freezing directly on the windows, which can be quite frustrating.
  5. Use your cloth or paper towel again to soak up and excess cleaning solution from the bottom of the window area. You may of heard that newspaper works best for wiping and drying windows however, we believe it leaves some dark drops on the windows frames if it gets too wet.

If the task of washing your windows during the winter is beginning to sound daunting and the reluctance is beginning to set it, just remember that it your windows do require regular cleaning to keep them looking and functioning as perfect as the day they were installed. So, if the time somehow slipped past you and you didn’t get the chance to clean your windows before the beginning of winter, your windows will start to show an accumulation of dirt which is can be the main cause of scratches and other damages.

While washing your windows, use cold water. Cold water on a cold day. Sure, these tips are not sounding any better for you, but have you ever used glass pots to boil an egg and then transferred the boiling pot over to the sink to run cold water over your egg? If the answer is no, then you’re on the right path in life because if you did, the glass pot would literally shatter instantly. Well, the same would happen vice versa to cold windows if you were to pour hot water on it. The extreme change in temperature will cause the glass to shatter which is way worse than having a dirty window. If you were looking to pour water on the window to melt the ice on it before cleaning, lukewarm water is the warmest temperature that you should attempt.

This may be an obvious tip however, if you needed to use a ladder to reach windows on a two storey home, make sure the ladder is not standing on a sheet of ice. It would actually be best if you could have a friend or family member present to support you while you’re up on the ladder. Wear winter boots with decent grips while climbing the ladder!

Braving the winter cold to wash your windows is a very noble endeavor indeed, it shows true conviction as a proud homeowner who takes pride in making their home as beautiful as possible. Your neighbours may not be as quick to join in on the task at hand as they watch you warm and toasty from behind their windows, but they’d surely admire your ambition. We wish you the best of luck!

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