The Benefits of Window Awnings for Your Home

March 21, 2022



Benefits of Window Awnings - Clera Windows + Doors

A window awning is a common sight in storefronts, restaurants, offices and some homes. These external fixtures function as a mini roof over a window or a door to keep excessive sunlight and precipitation away. 

In today’s market, you’ll be able to find them in various shapes, sizes and materials, but before perusing through these different options, you may be wondering if your home needs a window awning in the first place. 

To help you decide, we’ll cover the following benefits of having a window awning installed in your home. 

Let’s get started!

Benefits Of Window Awnings For Your Home - Clera Windows + Doors

1. Window Awnings Contribute to Your Home’s Aesthetic

One of the most evident benefits of having window awnings is that they boost your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal at first glance. However, it is important to choose the right kind of window awning for installation that enhances your home’s overall look.

Whether that is modern, classic, Victorian, colonial, farmhouse, or even a mobile home, there is always a window awning style that works. 

2. They Make Homes More Energy-Efficient — No Matter the Season

One of the more practical perks of having a window awning installed is their year-round ability to offer increased energy-efficiency. 

As a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building, a window awning can prevent the sun from shining directly through the window, while still allowing natural light to come through. They can also act as an added shield against the elements during the colder months. 

Window Awnings in Warm Weather

During the warmer months, your home windows (upon exposure to constant direct sunlight and solar radiation) can retain a lot of heat, which is then released back into your home. However, with a window awning creating more shade, it reduces the UV rays and heat that come in contact with the window glass and frame. 

This lessens the amount of heat retained and released by the window into your home. As a result, your air-conditioning system wouldn’t need to work as hard to keep your home cool. 

Window Awnings in Cold Weather

A window awning can provide further protection from cold drafts that leak through the window during the colder months. This helps to reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home. And in case you’re concerned about the accumulation of snow and ice on window awnings during heavy snowfall, you can opt for retractable window awnings to prevent this issue. 

3. They Prevent Indoor/Outdoor Furniture from Fading

UV rays from the sun can be damaging to coloured fabrics. You may notice that the colour of your furniture begins to fade when constantly exposed to sunlight. Some materials like wood, rubber and plastic even deteriorate when they are constantly exposed to harsh UV rays. 

A window awning can provide the shade you need to protect indoor or outdoor furniture that would have otherwise been exposed. 

4. Window Awnings Can Create an Extended Living Area

If you enjoy outdoor meals on the patio or hosting dinner parties at your home, an awning installed over your patio door or garden door can create an extended living area out on the porch. It will provide better protection against the sun during the day and a more private setting for you and your house guests.

5. Enable Ventilation Even When It’s Raining

Even amidst rainy weather, you can safely ventilate your home if you have window awnings installed. Because the structure slopes away from the window, you won’t have to worry about rainwater leaking into your home through the open windows. 

6. Protect Your Windows From Rain and Snow

Rain and snow can wear down your windows over time. This is particularly true for window frames made of wood, aluminum, and other moisture-sensitive materials. Having a window awning installed can provide a longer lifespan for the exterior of your windows as it helps divert precipitation away. 

Protect Your Windows From Rain And Snow - Clera Windows + Doors

Do Window Awnings Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Because of all the amazing benefits that window awnings offer, you might be wondering if there’s a catch or if they’re high-maintenance. 

Well, it depends on the type of window awning that you choose. 

A window awning with aluminum parts, for example, would need special cleaning solutions that do not corrode the aluminum. A wooden window awning may require extra attention so that they don’t swell and warp over time. Both of these materials may also need regular repainting for them to stay in mint condition.  

As a general rule, you would need to prevent dirt and grime from building up on your window awnings — whichever type they may be. Gently clean the grime from an awning by using a soft sponge or a soft bristle brush. Use a special solvent diluted in warm water. 

It is also important to dry the window awnings after washing. If they are not dried properly, there may be some of the solvent left behind on the surface which could cause oxidation and permanent stains.

Considering how beneficial window awnings are in terms of aesthetic, energy efficiency, and protection, the simple maintenance necessary is totally worth it. After, all they’re much easier to maintain and replace compared to your prized windows. 

Enhance Your Home with Clera’s Window Awnings

Some of the most compelling reasons why homeowners consider getting a window awning installed include the following: 

  • Extra shade and energy efficiency;
  • Added home comfort and aesthetics; and
  • Increased UV protection. 

However, having a window awning is not the only solution that gives these benefits. Energy-efficient, Low-E coated windows from Clera Windows + Doors, also deliver all of the above benefits.

If you have further questions about window awnings or the best solutions for upgrading or replacing your windows, get in touch with us today!

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