The Best Front Door Design Ideas For 2018

November 23, 2017



The Best Front Door Design Ideas For 2018 - Clera Windows + Doors

Out with the old, in with the new! Have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolution for 2018? Does it sound a little like, “get more home renovations done”? It used to be all about weight loss, career goals, and more weight loss but as we mature and take on new ventures like, being a first-time homeowner or having children, the goals become less about ourselves and more about our family’s overall well-being. We start to set goals about how we can continue to live better and progress altogether in life. And it all roots from our homes and how much comfort we gain when we walk through our front door each day.When you imagine your dream home, the first image that usually comes to mind is how the home looks from the outside, as if you’re standing across the street in front of a row of houses. Centered right in front of your daydream is your dream home, the yard, the long driveway, perhaps a white picket fence, and a wrap around porch that frames a spectacular front door. In reality, most people need to consider some home renovation jobs to make their design ideas come to life, starting with choosing a front door design that accurately reflects their personal style and taste.If you’re in the market for a brand new replacement door for your home and are excited about the endless design options out there, here are some of the top modern front door designs that are trending now for 2018.

Geometric Style Geometric style is anything that uses geometric shapes whether it be in a pattern or in the form of an abstract, ranging from triangles, squares, rectangles or any other abstract shape. These types of patterns are timeless and highly modern right now. What better way to showcase it than in a larger scale on your front entrance. The design will compliment all sorts of interior design such as contemporary, minimal, and urban decor. Perfect for homes situated in the trendy parts of a busy city. It would surely be a sight to admire for any passersby.

Spectacular Front Door Designs - Clera Windows + Doors
Geometric Styles For Front Door Entrance - Clera Windows + Doors
Wooden Designs For Making Guests Feel Welcome - Clera Windows + Doors

Wooden Designs The design potential for wooden doors is endless and no matter what design your wooden door is made into, it will still remain the “coziest” selection amongst all other materials to choose from. Wood tends to feel very warm and inviting, which is perfect for making your guests feel welcome when they approach and enter your home. Wooden doors offer a very uncluttered, clean and contemporary look.

Steel Glass French Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

Steel Glass French Doors The elegant narrow lines of steel on large glass panes is inspired by factories and warehouses in the early 19th century. Offering a complete unobscured view of the opposite side of the glass, they are both traditional and highly modern. Steel is the one of the most strongest and durable materials in the market and because it’s so durable, pencil thin lines in the design of the frame can be achieved without compromising the structural integrity of the window, thus providing an exquisite clear view. Though minimal in it’s design, the steel glass french door is quite the showstopper.

Front Door & Its High Security Against Unwanted Visitors - Clera Windows + Doors

Your front door will command the most attention from the street and passersby which is why they need to be designed to be more than an accessory to your home. Apart from its curb-side appeal, it has to be safe. It must serve to shield and protect your home from unwanted visitors. When the time comes for you to choose and design your replacement door, consider theseKey Features A High-Security Door Needs:These features will ensure your front door is a solid barrier against unwanted visitors :

  • We’ve all seen this happen in a few thriller movies and it actually happens in many home invasion cases. Avoid installing glass near the door knob as it can easily be smashed making the the lock accessible to intruders.
  • Pet doors need to remain small and sealed off. It’s not so common for people to have pet doors, probably since the movie Home Alone was hit but it is worth noting that just the sight of a possible entry point will catch an intruders eye.
  • Ensure the door is made of solid material such as steel or hardwood. Fiberglass is trending now as well and it is appealing however, with enough force it will break.
  • Install a high-quality dead bolt locking mechanism. For the lock to be kick-proof, it should extend from the door in the frame of the home.
Front Doors & High-quality Dead Bolt Locking Mechanism - Clera Windows + Doors

Leave it to the professionals If you haven’t had the greatest history for doing handy work around the house, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional for such an important job as installing your replacement front door. Keep in mind, doors will only perform as well as they are installed. Once the old door is removed, there could be some unforeseen issues such as decay that can occur during installation. A professional door installer is equipped and experienced to overcome these types of obstacles with ease and accuracy. Something that might take you all day, may take a professional a few hours which is beneficial to your home being exposed to the elements for as little as possible. A replacement door is not a small purchase and should be handled with care. Unlike windows, they are in constant use by the members of the home, a poorly installed door may not be able to withstand this kind of use. Protect your investment by getting a professional to install your replacement door perfectly.For more information on replacement doors in your area or to get a free consultation, contact Clera Windows and Doors.

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