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Best Patio Doors for Canadian Winters

Choosing the right patio door for the Canadian climate can be a challenge. Most homeowners like to install a sliding glass door or French door, but they worry that air leaks will make their home uncomfortable during the winter months and increase their heating costs significantly.

However, not all doors are created the same, and there are many options available for an attractive, energy efficient patio door.

Energy efficient doors and windows are a key aspect in keeping your home warm, while preventing overspending on heating and electricity bills. The trick is knowing which ones those are!

Performer Sliding Door

Engineered for a perfect seal, this high-quality sliding door is made with precision engineering to ensure top performance.

It features a vinyl and wood frame and smooth gliding action. In addition, it is highly rated for a range of important factors such as air tightness, ease of operation, water resistance, forced entry, wind-load resistance, and energy efficiency.

What does all that mean? That in the harsh Canadian winters with blowing snow and high wind speeds, the cold weather isn’t going to find itself into your home unwanted.

Opus Sliding Door

The opus sliding door features a unique spring-loaded suspension.

Easy to install and available in a huge variety of sizes, colors, and glass and hardware options, it easily adds beauty to the home while keeping it cozy and warm all winter long. It is also highly rated for air tightness and water resistance and comes with a limited 20 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Although energy efficiency is great for short-term benefits, opus doors are preferred for their long term value: With such a wide range of aesthetic options, installing these doors increases the resale value of your home, making them an investment worth more than their installation price.

Gliding French Doors

If you prefer the look of French doors, gliding doors will provide a highly customizable option for families and homeowners with adjustable blinds and shades that allow for the right level of privacy. They can protect your drapes, floor coverings, and furniture from damaging UV rays. Best of all, it is virtually maintenance free with no dusting required.

With neighborhoods being built increasingly close to each other, higher levels of security are requested by home owners. This is an easy solution for both beautifying your home and keeping it private!

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