Choosing The Right Patio Doors For Your Home

October 30, 2018



Choosing The Right Patio Doors - Clera Windows + Doors

If you are looking to make a home improvement by changing, replacing, or upgrading your patio doors, you will likely look for options that provide you with convenient access, maximizes space, embraces natural light, and protects your home. Often times, it can seen impossible to find a company that meets all these requirements and more, but Clera Windows and Doors are dedicated to helping you sort through seemingly endless options to find the patio doors that are the most appropriate for your home.

The patio door makes as much of an impact for the back of the house as the front door does for the front of the house. While a perfect front door adds charm, character, and enhances your curb appeal,  patio door sets the tone for the back of your home and can serve many purposes. This includes serving as an entry way into and out of the home, bringing in natural light, providing a view of the outdoors, adds style to the home, and creates a focal point for your back yard.

This blog will detail some of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing your new set of patio doors.

Choose A Complimentary Style

When choosing your new patio doors, it is important to select one that matches your home’s aesthetic in terms of style and colour. For instance, if your home has a clean, modern look, you will likely look for patio doors that are minimal and sleek, with clean lines and no extra decorations. For industrial or nautical themes, choose patio doors with numerous window panes. For those with country, European, or bohemian themes may seek elaborately decorated options that complement the rest of their design aesthetic.

Even if you have one home aesthetic now, it is always beneficial to plan ahead in case you plan to make changes to your decor. In these cases, the most versatile options are clean and minimalist, making it versatile for use across a variety of home design and aesthetic.

A trend among homeowners when selecting new patio doors is that they are choosing doors that are both wider and taller, which frequently span the height and length of walls. This creates the illusion that your outdoor patio is a natural extension to your home. When it comes to choosing your ideal patio doors, homeowners have endless options that can span low maintenance, fiberglass that mimics the appearance of wood, architectural-inspired styles, decorative glass, and custom designs and colours that operate energy efficiently.

Think About Space

When you are choosing your patio door, consider how the style will impact the space in the immediate vicinity, both inside and outside of your doors. Before committing to a certain style, ensure there is enough space surrounding the doors to house the opening mechanism. If you live in a smaller space, you will most likely benefit from sliding or folding doors as they tend to take up less floor space, with simple, straightforward designs that allow natural light to filtrate through. If you have the luxury of additional space, you will likely be able to work with any style of your choosing, including ones that are grand and elaborate.

Energy Efficiency

We all know that heating and cooling costs are a large portion of the costs when living in a home. When making home improvements, replacing patio doors will be an investment as they not only serve as a point of access into your home, but will also play a role in maintaining an ideal internal temperature. When you invest in high quality patio doors, heat will be retained in the dead of winter and will also keep it cool during the warm months summer. Energy efficient patio doors will help keep your central heating and cooling costs lower.

Think about the Glass

In addition to choosing energy efficient patio doors to keep heating and cooling bills a slow as possible, it is also important to consider the glass of the patio door itself. Are you proud to show off the interior design and layout of your living space or would you prefer privacy from your neighbours? You can choose patio doors with clear windows that are completely transparent, or you can install reflective or textured glass that makes your sliding glass patio doors act as a second curtain.

Home Security

Because patio doors also serve as entryways into the home, insufficient patio doors may be a security risk for your home. Problems involving the locking mechanism may leave your home susceptible to home invasions or burglary. Because of this, it is critical to ensure your newly installed patio doors have safety features that are guaranteed to work. Patio doors of high quality should have, at minimum, a strong hook and bolt lock and if you are looking for a sliding patio door, install a security bar to limit the ability for intruders to gain access to your home. Patio doors can also be integrated into your security system, so ensure you check with your patio door supplier to get this feature installed.


When choosing the material for your new patio doors, choose a material that is easy to maintain and has the durability to withstand years of usage. This is especially important if you plan on using your new set of patio doors as a main entryway into your home. Materials like vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and clad-wood are able to withstand the weather swings that characterize the southern Ontario and will require low maintenance and no painting.These are just a few important points to take into consideration when you are making home improvements and changing your patio doors. Once you have assessed and researched your options, working with a knowledgeable, reputable supplier will ensure you select the most appropriate addition to your home.

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