Charming Ideas for Windows and Doors in the Garden

July 17, 2014


Home Improvement

Ideas For Windows And Doors In The Garden - Clera Windows + Doors

Upgrading your home windows and doors? You don’t need to throw out your old frames and panes. These windows can be used as lovely garden features. Here are some examples.

Door Arbors/Gazebos. Old doors can be used as beautiful structural features. Rooted in the ground, they can hold up light roofs or arbor beams. This is an inexpensive, yet unique and fancy, way to add some shade to your garden. You can even use windows or parts of doors to make a sunroof for your gazebo.

Deck Doors. You can add some doors to mark where your deck enters your garden. This creates a magical formal entrance to your personal sanctuary, and also provides shade to plants in need.

Painted Frames. Your old windows are just one fun color change away from being art. Have some fun painting the frame, then place it on the ground behind your garden.

Vertical Planters. Hardy plants can survive vertical planters. In particular, succulents will cling to almost anything. You can inset succulents right into each frame, then hang them on the side. It’s like having a window right into a miniature forest.

“Window Boxes.” Window boxes look great even if there is nothing behind the window. You can hang an old window and a box on your fence, and it still looks great. For added flair, put some art behind the frame.

Mirror Frames. For sheds or drab garden walls, a more light and spacious look can be achieved by hanging mirrors. However, these mirrors look much better if placed in an old vintage frame.

Frame Easels. Old window frames can be repurposed by nailing them to artist easels. This creates a cute artistic easel that looks like you’re painting right into the frame.

Hanging Coloured Panels. Hanging coloured glass, swaying gently in the breeze, is a wonderful addition to a garden. You can create this effect with style by hanging old tinted windows from your eaves.

Coffee Tables. Want some nice patio furniture that can handle the elements? Repurpose a door or window by putting some legs on it. A nice multi-pane frame looks great under a sweating glass of lemonade.

Tool Racks. A great way to make a tool rack more attractive is to build it on top of a window or door. If ever there was an elegant way to hang a shovel, hanging it up on an old door is it.

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