Create More Space With Bay And Bow Windows

December 7, 2015



Create Space With Your Windows - Clera Windows + Doors

Modern windows have come a long way! Besides letting in fresh air and shedding light into a room, they contribute to the overall room’s design. Nowadays, if you’re looking to increase your room space, you don’t need to break the bank for it and invest in an extensive remodeling of the entire structure; you can simply switch to bay or bow windows and make every inch of your room count.

Bay Windows

Bay windows can be a perfect way to make your house look and feel a little bit bigger than it already is, since you can use them to ‘bring the outdoors in’. A bay window comprises of a number of differently-sized windows positioned in at angles to form one large unit that bulges outwards. Typically, it features a picture window in the middle and one hung window on either side. Since it will extend outwards beyond the wall, a bay window will provide your house with more room for air circulation and even for storage, thanks to the shelves that are naturally part of the structure. Depending on your needs, you can utilise the extra space by adding a window seat, or if it’s in the dining room or kitchen, use it for a breakfast nook.

Bow Windows

Bow windows, on the other hand, are curved to bulge outwards, and each unit can comprise of up to six panels. The panels of a bow window are smaller than those of a bay window of the same length so that the curved design can have a smooth contour. In terms of space created, there is not much difference between these two designs.

You can use the created space as an extra storage for books, picture frames and flowers, or as a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view from your window.

Bow and bay windows not only make your house more spacious, but also brighter and livelier as they can illuminate a room more than any artificial lighting. To enjoy this to the full, though, you need to choose a manufacturer who can minimise the thickness of each of the posts that link the individual panels to each other, to reduce any blockage of sunlight and allow more light into the room.

Choosing between the two designs can purely be a matter of personal preference. We recommend that you speak with an expert who specialises in the design and installation of windows so their with either choice your bay or bow window will be customised to perfectly match and complete the design of your house.

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