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Did you know that all Clera products come with a factory lifetime warranty?

Making the decision to buy a new window for your home can be a stressful and exciting experience. You want to make sure the product you are buying is going to fit your needs, which in itself can require a lot of time and research. Furthermore, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth for your purchase. At Clera, we know what its like to be in your shoes. We have helped thousands of customers make this decision, and have seen the concern on their faces and have been asked the questions that matter most. Aside from making and selling a large amount of quality inventory, every one of our products comes standard with a factory lifetime warranty. This service is added at no extra charge to our customers, because we know it shouldn’t be. When you buy a window, you shouldn’t have to worry about the potential costs down the road in the event that the product malfunctions.

Why a lifetime warranty matters

The products we make and sell are subject to taxing conditions. A home’s windows must endure temperature and wind extremes, among other things, and we at Clera know that accidents can happen. When they do, it should not be our customer’s responsibility to deal with them. In the event of a situation such as this, a lifetime warranty will keep you from having to spend your hard earned money on fixing the problem. If you are in the market to buy new windows, we strongly advise that you base your decision on this factor.

While some companies may advertise very low prices, you should always question why. Businesses like this should raise a red flag for a few reasons. If they are willing to sell you a product for a much lower price than you could find elsewhere, do you think they are going to offer a warranty as well? Furthermore, in the window industry, quality does matter. At Clera, we do out best to keep prices down for our customers while at the same time offering quality products. Our factory lifetime warranty is one way we demonstrate this commitment.

What does our warranty cover?

Every window we sell comes standard with this guarantee, and it covers all window hardware, components, and glass. This means that when you buy a window from us, you are paying a one time fee for the product and installation. If there ever comes a time when a part of the window needs replaced, you can rest assured that it will not be coming out of your pocket book. This is more than can be said for some of our competitors. Choosing the right window does not and should not have to be a hectic experience. With our lifetime warranty, we hope to make this process a little bit easier, and a lot more enjoyable.



  • Avatar for Greg – Burlington Greg – Burlington says:

    Great stuff! It’s hard to come by informative articles these days, but I think this really hits the nail on the head. I hadn’t stopped to think about it before, but just because my house is insulated well does not mean I am not going to have moisture buildup. I think the last tip is a great one. Opening up the doors and windows for a bit does wonders at keeping the air dry.

  • Avatar for Peter W. – Burlington Peter W. – Burlington says:

    Do the doors come with a warranty as well, or just the windows? This is good news for those in the market for new windows, but I was just curious if I bought a new front door if I would still get this warranty. Thanks.

  • Avatar for Clera Windows Clera Windows says:

    @Peter W – Yes they do!

  • Avatar for Jamie Leonard – Richmond Hill Jamie Leonard – Richmond Hill says:

    Excellent! More companies should follow suit. Nothing sells better than a warranty in my opinion.

  • Avatar for Stan Stan says:

    A lifetime warrenty?! This is definitely worth it. Let me tell you about a situation that went really bad for me. I bought some windows and within a few days the windows were cracked. I’m not sure what happened to them really, but I went back to get them replaced. That is when I found out that they were not under warranty. I bought the windows for real cheap and now I know why. You get what you pay for folks. A lifetime warranty is worth every cent! You never know when accidents will happen and when they do, trust me, you will be glad you got windows with a warrenty like this.

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