Certified Installation Quality Program In Toronto


Certified Installation Quality Program In Toronto - Clera Windows + Doors

Investing in high-performance windows is only part of the equation. Having them professionally installed is just as important. At Clera Windows + Doors, we guarantee both because we control the installation processes. All of our installers are trained professionals and are subject to frequent installation inspections. Our goal is to ensure that the quality of your installation exceeds both industry standards and your high expectations.

  1. Are windows and doors being properly shimmed and supported?
  2. Are windows and doors installed square, level and plumb?
  3. Are installation screws being placed in the proper locations?
  4. Is the cavity between the new window or door and the rough opening properly insulated with low expansion foam?
  5. Are the edges of the shims used to level the windows and doors properly sealed, to prevent air and moisture penetration?
  6. Has an interior sealant or tape been applied to cover the interior side of the rough opening and the new window?
  7. Is the window properly capped on the exterior (retrofit method)?
  8. Is it aesthetically pleasing and does it have proper slope on the sill to allow for proper drainage?
  9. Is the caulking on the exterior neatly applied and of good quality?
  10. Are installed windows and doors operating properly?
  11. Are drop sheets being used inside the house and is the work area safe, neat and tidy?
  12. Have stickers been removed from the windows and doors, and has the home been left in a clean and orderly state?

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