DIY Winter Door Wreath Ideas

November 21, 2017



DIY Winter Door Wreath Ideas - Clera Windows + Doors

Winter in Ontario has to be one of the most enchanting times of the year. There’s nothing more refreshing than glaring out of your bedroom window on a Sunday morning, after a fresh bed of powdering white snow has covered your yard. With nowhere to hurriedly rush off to except to prepare a delightful breakfast and indulge in a warm cup of coffee, your home, surrounded by the beauty of winter, suddenly feels like a safe haven instead of the usual busy town it becomes during the workweek. Decidedly, it becomes the perfect day to brush up on your creative edge and reap the joys of making something crafty. And now that the snow has decorated your front yard, your door is probably looking a little bare and could use a decorative flare.

Hanging a door wreath is one way to celebrate the season with all things evergreen and snowy, but they can get surprisingly costly to simply purchase it from a store. A DIY door wreath seems absolutely fitting for your next home project! Not only will it dazzle your guests and passersby, it will display your unique personality for your home. Remember, these projects are for everyone, even for those that don’t craft on the regular. You don’t need to follow in the footsteps of Martha Stewart to make a gorgeous winter door wreath, you just need a little inspiration. Here are some simple and unique DIY winter door wreath ideas and instructions that you can do at home, and even with your kids:

Pom Pom Snowball Wreath

This wreath is perfect for moms with tots who love all things fluffy, soft, and cute. Although simple, it sure does get a lot of “awww so cute!” comments from pretty much anyone who sees it. It’s also a project that won’t prick or poke your little ones when making. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Two bundles of chunky yarn, white or cream.
  • Scissors
  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Prepare your “snowballs” by making yarn pom poms. Here is a full tutorial guide one how to make your own yarn pom poms. Tip: Make larger pom poms to cover more surface on the wreath form.
  2. Trim all of your pom poms to create perfect round balls. You can brush through the balls gently with a hair brush to separate the strands of yarn and make it appear fluffier.
  3. Using the glue gun, begin applying the pom poms to the wreath form by lining them up, following the curve of the styrofoam. Start by gluing pom poms along the top centre of the wreath form, all the way around. Then apply another layer of pom poms along the outer top portion of the wreath form. Finally, glue pom poms along the inner side of the wreath form.

This can be made in any colour of your choice and also looks great with pom poms that vary in size. Add a Christmas bow for added flare. Let it show your own personal style!

Making Pom Poms To Cover More Surface On The Wreath Form - Clera Windows + Doors

Voila! There you have it, a beautiful snowball wreath that neatly complements the snowy yard outside your home and will last you for years to come.

Beautiful Snowball Wreath - Clera Windows + Doors
Creating Pom Poms To Perfect Round Balls - Clera Windows + Doors

Snowy Pinecone Wreath

Snowy Pinecone Wreath - Clera Windows + Doors

If you have a child that loves to collect seashell in the summer and pinecones in the winter, this project is perfect for you and it’s very simple. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A wicker wreath form
  • Assortment of pinecones
  • White spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Newspaper


  1. Gather pinecones an assortment of beautiful pinecones that you would like for your wreath.
  2. Using the newspaper, cover the surface that you will be working on and arrange the wreath form and pinecones on top.
  3. Here’s the fun part! Using the white spray paint, lightly spray each pinecone so that they appear snowy, being careful not to cover all the brown so that it appears naturally “snowy”.
  4. Do the same for the wreath form.
  5. Once the spray painted items are completely dry, use the glue gun to apply the pinecones artfully onto the wreath form, all the way around.

And, your done! You’ve got a lovely snowy white pinecone door wreath that looks just as festive and trendy as the ones you can buy in a store except this one would cost you a whole lot less and it is fun to make!

Ode to Joy Wreath

What message do you want to give off to visitors at your door this holiday season? Ode to joy! Afterall, tis the season for joy and happiness right? The Ode to Joy wreath is simple to make and such a gorgeous piece to decorate your front door with. All the materials can be found at your local craft store like Michaels. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A wicker wreath form
  • Wooden monogram letters ‘J’ and ‘Y’
  • Hot glue gun
  • Brown string twine or rope
  • Faux Christmas florals


  1. Tying the letters to the wreath form can be tricky, but it can be done! First, position the letter ‘J’ to the top of the wreath form and secure it to the wreath by tying it with string twine.
  2. Follow the same technique to secure the letter ‘Y’ to the bottom part of the wreath form as shown in the photo.
  3. Decoratively place your Christmas florals as you would like and secure it to the wreath form using the hot glue gun.
Beautiful Wreath For Greeting Guests At Front Door - Clera Windows + Doors

A beautiful wreath is a warm and wonderful way to greet your guests at your front door, it’s welcoming and shows how your family celebrates the season. No one know entirely where the old custom of hanging a wreath at the front door first started, but it is a tradition as old as humankind, and a very pleasant one to say the least. If you’re beginning to notice that your front door is in need of much more than a decorative wreath to get it looking and functioning like new again, you may want to consider a replacement door before the freezing temperatures roll in.

Despite the fact that your front door is probably the most used part of the home on a daily basis, it’s required maintenance is easily overlooked as family members rush in and out to work or to run errands. It is important to inspect your front door for any cracks, also that it is opening, closing, and locking with ease. If it’s about time for you to get a brand replacement door for your home, contact the experts at Clera Windows and Doors for more information and to set up a free consultation.

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